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Has It Really Been 50 Years?

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Has It Really Been 50 Years?Fifty years ago on August 15, something happened. As Ed Sullivan might have said, “We have a really big show.” (By the way, the Ed Sullivan reference is major hint.)

Fifty years ago and a rare Ed Sullivan reference have completely eliminated many of you from any educated guess. Fifty years ago might as well have been five hundred years for anyone under thirty. History is memorized for a test then forgotten.

Culturally speaking, what occurred was a very big deal. The excitement of the British invasion in the world of rock ’n roll took its rightful place as the phenomenon it was. No longer was it a fad. The Beatles played for 55,600 mostly screaming girls that night from Shea Stadium on Long Island, New York. As it is said, “And the rest is history.”

The logistics of the evening were interesting. How many of you knew that a helicopter delivered them near the stadium that evening, because to drive the boys in a car would have posed too many risks? To get them from the landing pad to the players’ entrance for the stadium, a Wells Fargo armored car was used. Yes, the cargo was worth a lot of money. In fact, the four mop-headed boys from Liverpool cleared a cool $180,000 that night. (Somebody figured out that those ’65 dollars equate to about $1.4M in today’s value). As it is said, “Good money if you can get it.”

They played for a whopping 37 minutes starting at about 8:45 p.m., introduced by none other than Ed Sullivan. (Those too young to remember, Ed Sullivan was the modern day Jimmy Fallon). Here’s something to think about: 37 minutes equated to 12 songs. Do the math: three minutes and five seconds per song. Songs are longer today; I’m guessing, but I’ll say four to five minutes is today’s average length of a tune.

Using today’s value of $1.4M, the boys made just under a cool $38,000 per minute of work. Then again, the work was probably getting to and from the stadium, not performing.

Tickets sold for the historical moment in time went from $4.50 to a high of $5.65. That won’t get you a bottle of Gatorade today inside of a sports venue. Who wouldn’t want to pay $5 for a ticket to listen to the deafening screams from mostly teenage girls? That’s right – most of the music was drowned out, which unnerved the Fab Four.

I wasn’t there that day. I was three days from my 8th birthday. I recall my dad saying something to my mom like, “The world is going to hell in a handbasket Mary.”

As it is said, “And so it was, on this the 15th day of August, 1965.”

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