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Here’s Hoping ‘New Guy’ Is A Trivia Buff

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A new guy started on Monday. We’re all pretty excited. He’s a talented leader, but what we’re really hoping for is his help to our trivia team. The company trivia team is not near as good as our bowling team. Our trivia expertise in bowling vernacular would be the equivalent of ten frames of gutter balls.

As trivia teams go, we’re not very good (actually we’re bad), and we’re hoping that the new guy will have lots of useless information tucked in his cranium to help improve our chances. Don’t get me wrong, the eight or ten of us who regularly gather to show our talents would like to think we’re trivia wonks. But the event emcees must keep asking the wrong questions. As a result, after two hours of futile attempts at tapping into our collective knowledge, we end up with a score that sounds something like that of a soccer match.

Individually, we’re pretty smart people. Each of us has our areas of expertise. But when they ring the bell for round one, something happens and we all end up staring at one another hoping for the best. The best never comes. We squint our eyes, furor our brows, purse our lips, stare aimlessly at the table top and regularly come up with nothing worth bragging about. Oh, only if we had paid more attention in the 6th grade, one of us might have known the northern most state in the union.

Sure enough, the categories for any given event are the exact opposite of what we know. Our cumulative recall of presidents, world history, medieval literature and geography is limited. (Actually, limited is pretty much overstated.) We were expecting TV sitcoms, Billboard hits, sports, comedy movies, kids stuff and food-related questions. It’s tough to slide a Seinfeld reference past us, and we hold our own when it comes to food. Something Madonna-related makes us appear smart. But, sure enough, the questions will focus on other such things as the vice-president for Millard Fillmore. Really?

I’ll tell you what we’re good at during trivia night – having fun. We laugh at each other’s answers. We poke fun. There are very few boundaries. The camaraderie is great. After working hard all week, it’s great to get with people you care about and let your guard down. It’s important to see each other in a vulnerable state. It’s equally important to prop each other up when something as simple as Wally Cleaver’s friend Lumpy’s real name escapes our collective recollection.

So, welcome to the new guy. Maybe he’s a trivia buff. We hope so. We need all the help we can get. By the way, Lumpy’s real name was Clarence. If he knew that, he’s going to be a superstar. If not, he’ll fit in just fine.

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