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I Got A New Attitude

On September 13th, 2010, posted in: Uncategorized by 2 Comments

It’s Sunday morning.  I’m sitting in my favorite Starbucks enjoying a cup of Joe before I head back to work.  I volunteer as a crossing guard at church.  I got the job because I’m big enough that when they adorn me with a bright yellow, glow-in-the-dark vest and give me a giant STOP sign to hold, there is very little chance that I can be missed.  The kids feel pretty safe.

Almost every Sunday begins with church.  I attend the 8:00 a.m. service then go get hopped up on caffeine and return to my duties as crossing guard between the end of the 9:30 a.m. service and the beginning of the 11:00 a.m. service.  I tell you this only to frame the amount of time I’m at Starbucks – generally, just a little over an hour.  You’re thinking why is this guy sharing such drivel?  Well, most Sunday mornings, right after church is when I write this literary masterpiece.  That’s right; the PA Blog is born and close to completed in that hour or so.  Some of you may be thinking… “It takes an hour for him to write that junk?”  Well, yes it does.  Masterpieces take time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Why write after church?  Quite honestly, I am never more inspired than the hours immediately following one of Pastor Jeff’s messages.  The man is as gifted an orator as I have ever witnessed.  He provides me with perspective, insight, love, joy, humor, motivation and a positive attitude that is enduring for the week.  But honestly, the hour right after is when I’m on fire with creativity.  Thus, you get the P.A. Blog.

Interestingly, this past Sunday, Pastor spoke on attitude – having a good one.  The biblical message of the need to stop murmuring, to stop grumbling and to rejoice filled the room, the heads, and the hearts of all who were there; mine, maybe more than most.

Sometimes, the world of retail (that’s what the credit union is – we’re a retailer of money) can get tough.  There are occasions where people can get a little nasty and, if you choose to follow, you can quickly find yourself wallowing in the mud right along with them.  At that point, your attitude is far from good.  I’ve pledged “no more.”  The grumbling and the murmuring are no longer an option.

Here’s why.  I have running water, food in the pantry, electricity and plumbing.  I have shoes on my feet and more in the closet.  I have a doctor, a dentist, a mechanic and a favorite doughnut shop.  I have a coffee can filled with change.  I have the freedom to vote and voice my opinion.  I have the freedom to listen to Pastor Jeff, drink Starbucks and be a crossing guard.  Best I can guess, a couple of billion people would like to trade places with me.  Attitude?  Who’s got an attitude?  Not me.  Not anymore.  Halleluiah!!!

Following Pastor Jeff’s message, I turned to the words of the great Patti LaBelle:  “I got a new attitude.”  I’ve been singing the melody all weekend.  Bet you never would have guessed that Pastor Jeff and Patti LaBelle would end up in the same message.  See, I told you; between the caffeine and the creativity, I can get a little crazy!

2 Responses to “I Got A New Attitude”

  • Navigator8587 says:

    I really like where you get inspired-no better place. very nice way to start off the week-with a new attitude-thanks for the reminders of what we usually take for granted and the acknowledgment that a LOT of people would happily trade places with us. Keep writing especially on Sundays.

  • Tim says:

    A little crazy? Don't sell yourself short brother! 🙂
    Timmy V.

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