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I Have Learned Many Lessons

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Tiny wisdomNo one will ever mistake me for a Mensa type. I am far from being one of those really smart people that can solve difficult puzzles in a heartbeat. To draw a parallel, I can pretty much spend half a day mesmerized by “Where’s Waldo” that I found in my 2 ½ year old grandson’s Seek & Find book. Nevertheless, I have learned many lessons in my life that have served me well, including when to shut up, speak when spoken to, open mouth and remove all doubt as to one’s ignorance, etc. etc. You get the idea.

Here’s a handful more of the valuable things to enter into the gray matter that will serve you well as you plod through this thing called life. These are my axioms for living. You should assume these to be completely true without any need for proof.

  1. It takes a big man to stand flat footed and spit in a dump truck. In other words, if you run across this guy, move to the other side of the street. He is not somebody you want to mess with. He is everywhere – in business too.
  2. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it take its boots off. Trust me on this one. Remember, it is completely true without any need of proof.
  3. You can’t hide spinach in a box of chocolates. What a great analogy between good and evil. Bad things can’t be disguised. They will always show themselves to be exactly what they are…nasty.
  4. A pig in lipstick and pearls is still a pig. See, this is the same as the last one. Nasty is nasty. Dressing up something that is bad never works.
  5. The only thing that happens if you wrestle with pigs is that you both get muddy. See, here we go again with the pig thing. Pick your battles.
  6. You can’t sweeten puppy breath with a tic-tac. What comes out of people’s mouths can be mean-spirited and hurtful, it doesn’t matter how sweetly they say it. Puppies are lovable and endearing – so are some people – but what they say sometimes – OUCH!
  7. Never trust your dog to watch your lunch while you answer the door.  People are flawed creatures. It is a fallen world. Have a small circle of trusted friends and family. After that, be careful what you say and to whom. Even your best friend (your dog) has trouble controlling himself sometimes.

I love simple little sayings that are easy to remember. I tuck them away in a place in my mind that is currently unoccupied – I’ve got plenty of those – and remind myself of them regularly.

Here’s another one that I am going to make room for in the future. I saw a wonderful prayer the other day. It was very simple, yet says it all. Don’t you just love it when the simplest of things have the greatest depth in your life? The prayer went like this:

“God in heaven, please keep your arm around me and your hand over my mouth.”


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