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If You Get the Chance, See Northern Michigan

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farmers-marketDo you like the music of Kid Rock? Musically speaking he is sort of that gravelly mix somewhere between hard rock and outlaw country, with a twist of defiance toward social mores. I like his music. Don’t know much about him otherwise. My guess is that he and I don’t align in the way we approach life, i.e., my idea of a party would probably be considerably lamer than Mr. Rock’s. That would be a fair wager for sure.

In one of my favorite tunes from Kid (is that what he goes by?), he talks about Northern Michigan. In a big hit of a few years ago, he channels Warren Zevon and Lynyrd Skynyrd in a top ten song that captured his escapades as a teen in the setting of Lake Michigan in the northern most parts of Michigan. Have you ever been there? Northern Michigan?  I have and it is beautiful at least four months out of the year.

How did I party on my most recent visit? With considerably less zeal than Mr. Rock conveyed in his song (is my guess), but with an equal amount of enjoyment.

As an example, my first stop was to the farmers market. I’m guessing that the growing season can’t be long up there, but from what I saw at the local farmers market was reflective of a farmer’s best harvests at the hands of God’s perfect weather. A short season for sure, but hearty fruits and vegetables were the result.

All those fruits and veggies show up in the local fare. There is a bakery on every block – one as good as the next. I know… the Mrs. and I stopped into most. Looking and smelling occupied most of our time, but we still ate more than we should have. Cherries and apples are featured a lot on the fruit side of the things.

The vegetables were awesome looking. Every vegetable displayed was like an artist’s rendering in a museum portrait. Soups are another popular item reflecting the heartiness of the vegetables. Salads are big, scrumptious and loaded with a farm to table flair.

To each their own. The Kid enjoyed his Northern Michigan according to his song in ways that are foreign to me, i.e., “smoking funny things.” I took the more passive route. I enjoyed my Northern Michigan with fresh fruit pastries, hearty soups and salads.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not as boring as I sound. Well, maybe I am. Whatever. My guess is that Kid Rock got the munchies after “smoking funny things.” He was in the right place. To heck with the bag of Doritos. My guess is that he stuffed his face with some cherry pie, apple turnovers and a whole host of other goodies.

If you get the chance, see Northern Michigan. Eat the local fare. You’ll see what I mean.

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