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I’m the Luckiest Guy in the World

On September 29th, 2014, posted in: Uncategorized by

grandma kissing grandsonI don’t talk a lot about my wife. I should — she’s off-the-charts special. She’s a big baseball fan and knows how to keep score. That alone elevates her to something special…but she goes way beyond that. To borrow some baseball vernacular, I hit a grand slam in the wife category.

She’s brutally honest and ensures that I remain humble. In fact, humble pie is one of her best dishes, and believe me, she can cook. Being a good spouse means something to her and she practices her trade on a daily basis. It forces me to be a better husband. Think about it — if we are a product of our environment, then I have to focus my energy on being a good hubby. After all, she is rewriting the “How To” book on relationships.

I’m probably going to lose my “man card” by writing such glowing words about the love of my life. After all, guys need to grumble and murmur about the Mrs. in order to hold proper court among other guys. Egged on by all of the testosterone in the room, it is a ritual for every guy seated around the card table to try to “one up” the poor sap who just finished complaining by telling a story about how much worse he has it. The comments are more comical than malicious, but never “smoochie-smoochie.” I don’t belong.

I adore her. All of her quirks and craziness. When she’s not a picnic to be around — that’s OK, too. If guys were totally honest, unafraid of reprisal from the ol’ boys club, they’d tell you the same thing. Sure, I dig the “guy thing” every once in a while, but my favorite times are with her. I’m the most relaxed, most content and by far, the most comfortable at home with her — even on the days where she is blathering on about some Williams-Sonoma gadget that will improve our kitchen utensil repertoire.

Great wife, but even a better “Mimi.” That’s grandma in our household. She was with our 3-year-old grandchild doing things like swimming, looking for turtles, throwing sticks, picking up rocks and all of the things on a 3-year-old’s list — one of which was to stop and get a donut from Dunkin’ Donuts®. As little boys are prone to do after a busy day of little boy stuff, he fell asleep on the way to the donut shop. Here’s where the greatness kicked in at a whole new level. Mimi sat in the parking lot for over an hour while he slept. When he awoke, they were ready to go in and get a donut.

You know what? I want to be married to a woman who sits in a parking lot of a Dunkin’ Donuts for over an hour while her grandson sleeps. It was that important to her that he could get the donut he requested. Agape love is what that is called.

She’s special — very special. I’m the luckiest guy in the world. Take my “man card.”  I’ll put it on the front porch of my house, which is already decorated with pumpkins to make the fall season the best possible for my grandson and all of the kids in the neighborhood. WOW!

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