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In The Right Context—No Change Is A Good Thing

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If you love change then this is your time. It could be argued that we’re in the “Super Bowl” of change. Surely, lots of good will come from the change we witness today. That is our hope. Unfortunately, most of today’s change comes on the heels of more bad news.

Folks are busy pulling the levers of change at a break neck pace—trying to right the upset in the economy. At the eye of this storm lies a banking industry (read literally—not credit union industry) in turmoil. Behemoth banks may well be on their way to nationalism while running a close race with the automobile industry to see who’s going to get the top prize in government bailout monies.

Given that all of the change is being propagated by the “piling on” of negative news, it is no wonder that many folk’s attitude toward change continues to sour. Unfortunately, change is getting a bad name. Maybe now is the time to take an antithetic approach—in other words, what hasn’t changed.

As a credit union, SLCCU is still the single best provider of financial services on the planet. In addition, SLCCU’s capital (rainy day fund) is stronger than most. We have sky high service ratings—much higher than the banking industry. There’s three examples of no change being a good thing. Let’s continue.

The credit union serves members not customers. SLCCU has no credit crisis—we’re making loans every single day. St. Louis Community Credit Union exists only to serve our members—we have no Wall St. interests or stock market ties. SLCCU continues to grow at a rapid pace. SLCCU has great rates and low fees.

Sometimes “no change” is a breath of fresh air. We continue to support our members during these tough economic times. There is no changing our commitment—and that’s great news in such volatile times.

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