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Ingredients For Success: Originality and Elaboration

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I’ve read that originality and elaboration are the best combination to get one’s attention in the world of advertising. I’m guessing that the same holds true for sitcoms. There are lots of combinations, but this one rings the bell. Just know that when the ad or situation comedy is original and elaborates on the details and intricacies of what is being sold or conveyed, the dial of the meter for “buyer’s acceptance” moves to high.

Originality means “out of the ordinary.” The ad is a departure from stereotypical thinking and is unique. The hamsters in the Kia Soul ad come to mind. Any time there are rodents dressed in hip-hop attire, driving a neon vehicle down the road to the latest dance mix, you have the makings of uniqueness.

Creativity is important, but my favorite part of Gilligan’s Island was the attention to detail. Do you remember how many of life’s amenities were duplicated on the show through the rudimentary use of palm leaves, bark, vines and coconuts. Hilarious. It was detailed, intricate and unique. Thus, it sold.

Now, imagine if you have all the best commercials aligned with the best sitcoms. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Moving from Gilligan to the nerds of the current generation of TV watchers – “The Big Bang Theory” – you’ll find the same formula intact. In a world filled with the pursuit of what is cool, isn’t it uniquely refreshing to hang out with the nerds from Pasadena in their world of comic books, Wii bowling, video games, plaids, stripes and dickeys? Again, we see that unique sells.

It has been said that the “Big Bang” nerd vernacular, which is so heavily weighted in the world of physics, used in the show is precise and accurate in the context of their discussions. Yes, apparently offstage is a brigade of scientists, professors and Mensa geeks who ensure that the nerdy discussion is right on the mark. Hilarious.

I wonder if uniqueness and originality coupled with detail and intricacies transfers from TV commercials and sitcoms to discussion. In other words, if a person has something to say, should they show their respective audience favor by delivering the message in a way that creates a memory? Yes.

Painting a visual through words is essential. I’ll guarantee you that this season’s round of commencement addresses will predominantly be the “same ol’, same ol’.” However, we’ll end up watching one of them that will become a YouTube sensation. What will be said that will gain it such notoriety? I don’t know, but it will be unique and filled with detail and intricacy.

Apparently, advertising, sitcoms and speeches need the same ingredients.

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