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Innovation Is Everywhere!

On October 22nd, 2012, posted in: Uncategorized by 2 Comments

Have I written about Craisins?  I don’t remember.  If I have, bear with me as I rinse and repeat.  If I haven’t, you’re going to love this.  I think it’s cool that in a world where (presumably) nothing under the sun is new, great minds continue to come up with better ideas and better ways to do things.

Not long ago, I came to understand that Craisins were actually waste turned good.  Now, that’s innovation.  I love the fact that cranberry skins were laying all over the factory floor, ready to be picked up and thrown away, when some dude noted that drying said skins (much like raisins, thus the name) might produce a product that consumers may express interest in purchasing for salads.  I don’t know if the last part is true, but that’s where I see the majority of the world’s Craisins – smack dab on top of a salad.  They’re also popular on the breakfast buffet as flavoring for oatmeal.  I believe they sell small, individual packets for snacks in kid’s lunches.  Whatever their usage, they went from “being waste to enhancing taste” because somebody was innovative.  Awesome.

I love innovation.  It’s what makes the world a better place.  When focusing on innovation in our world, we tend to think of Apple.  We think of technology and video games because that’s where innovation is most prominent.  But innovation comes in many types, and transcends all walks of life.  As an example, how ‘bout those special pillows that you use on an airplane – those are cool!  Or how about the fact that my Nike running shoes have a chip in them that records all kinds of data – all of which is lost on me – I don’t run much anymore.

Innovation makes the world go round.  My one-year-old grandson eats yogurt that is dispensed from something very similar to a tube of toothpaste in look and design. I don’t know the advantage over traditional yogurt receptacles, but my son swears by the yogurt tubes.  And my grandson seems to be thrilled with the taste, texture and dad’s prompt delivery.  Minus the yogurt, most of his food ends up on the floor.  I’ve yet to see yogurt anywhere other than the immediate proximity of my little buddy’s pie hole.  That said,   I have to give “big ups” for the design.

The other day, I had a piece of chocolate with something chili-related in the chewy caramel.  Couple that with the fact that sweet paprika dotted the top of the chocolate and you have yourself one innovative piece of candy.  By the way, it was delicious.  Along those same lines, whoever decided to stick sea salt on the top of chocolate is a genius and deserves some sort of recognition much greater than my mention in this remote blog.

The point is, innovation is everywhere.  Yes, I’m more “old school” than not, but I love what is going on in the world as we continue to advance our ingenuity and creativity to come up with the next best thing.  St. Louis Community Credit Union stays innovative all the time.

What’s next?  Who knows?  Food trucks are cool.  So is “Dry-Tech” clothing.  I’m going to get another piece of chocolate – one with bacon on it.  How great is that?

2 Responses to “Innovation Is Everywhere!”

  • Rhonda Atkinson says:

    Aldi has craisin oatmeal cookie to die for. Its like the one grandma use to make!! soft & chewy…MMMM good

  • Richwymore says:

    How about a 1/3 pound cheeseburger covered with bacon and onions?  YIKES!!!

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