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Intellectual Honesty

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brain fighting with heartIntellectual honesty is the thought for the day. Do you have it? Is it practiced after the white-hot embers of emotion stop glowing? At what point are we honest with ourselves about the circumstances at hand? Rational vs. irrational, intellect vs. emotion — they are the David vs. Goliath of modern society. David is portrayed by rational, intellectual reasoning. Goliath represents modern man’s uber-emotional state. The epilogue in the modern-day battle is ultimately much like the biblical outcome, with the difference being that victory over emotion sometimes takes what seems like forever — especially if you listen to sports talk radio.


Flash points. The 24-hour news cycle demands flash points. Social media exists to perpetuate flash points, many (i.e., most) under the guise of anonymity. It has been my experience that intellectual honesty is a rare commodity in the faraway galaxy of electronic communication.


When there is nothing going on in the Twitter world, or Facebook finds itself in a lull, the malcontents make something up in order to gain attention. These flash points don’t usually allow for intellectual honesty to show itself in order to gain appropriate reasoning. Only after time do we witness those with deductive reasoning gaining insight and clarity to move past the cloudburst of emotion to present a rational case. Sometimes this happens too late, blocking out the intellectual honesty altogether. So, that leaves us with the conclusion that society is being shaped by a stampede of emotion most days.


Being a sports fan and Rams season ticket holder, I watched with great interest the canvas that St. Louis and the national media painted of Mr. Kroenke and his intent. It was a wildfire. Negative emotion reached a fever pitch and never capitulated to intellectual honesty. The tidal wave of hatred lasted for weeks without rational thought.


I never jumped into the fray. Nor was it an emotional event for me. Very early on, it was determined that moving the Rams to L.A. would result in Mr. Kroenke’s asset (i.e., our team) netting him approximately $500 million in additional worth. Had intellectual honesty been allowed to pierce the emotion, nobody would have gotten their hopes up. As the adage goes, “Follow the money.” Second, the TV market size was valuable for future contract negotiations (hmmmmm…St. Louis vs. L.A.). By the way, the NFL owners make dimes off of the TV revenue, and they share in it equally. Please refer to the previous statement, “Follow the money.”


So after the countless hashing and rehashing of the goings on during hours of sports talk radio, Mr. Kroenke not only took his ball and went home, he took the whole doggone team and headed to SoCal.


Intellectual honesty would have let you see this coming from a football field away.

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