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Intelligent Life Forms Not Always So Intelligent

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When did the paradigm shift take place that now requires highly intelligent adult men and women of all ages to pick up their dogs’ poop during the daily walk of man’s best friend?  It seems to me to be just a wee bit paradoxical to think that man’s best friend’s excrement must be bagged and carried by man. Hmmm!

Growing up, I had multiple dogs. They ran in the yard. We’d take walks together. We’d come across an empty corner lot, aka a dog’s “Johnny on the Spot,” and Fido would do his business and we’d return home. Never do I recall that “walking the dog” contained a plastic Wal-Mart bag in my left hand filled with, uh, you know.  In the old days, gingerly stepping through a field “where the dogs and the antelope play” was just standard operating procedure.

The Bible states that we have dominion over all creatures. That means no poop pick-up; well, apparently not. Society has stepped in and dictated that our doggy doo-doo must no longer lie in the grass. Like the milk jug, newspaper, yogurt container, and pounds of other weekly trash, puppy pooh-pooh must be taken to the landfill.

Imagine an alien landing on earth and seeking to find the superior form of intelligence. They’d be confused, right? The dog must be the highest form of life. After all, someone is cleaning up behind them – cats, too. They’re just more contained.

Forget the dog. Aliens would be more confused by countless other missteps in our societal priority. Society lauds athletes, while first responders and teachers are relegated to lesser status. Too many of our schools, police stations and fire houses find themselves in varying degrees of disrepair, and the people they house are overworked and underpaid; and in the case of teachers, underappreciated. Yet, our kids and our personal safety would have to be considered more important than ones’ accomplishments. Alien heads would be spinning (if they can) – confused by who matters most.

And what about the people elected as leaders of our great nation? They have to be the superior life form, right?  “Take me to your leader.”  Well, let’s see. The President, who is the most powerful man in the free world, is busy fending off the countless editorial snipes thrown his way for trying to get something done that can’t get done because he is hamstrung in getting anything done by a bunch of guys and gals known as “Congress.” Congress spends most of their time in an adult food fight (using words instead of jello) and, as a result, not doing anything productive for the people they represent. Alien heads are really spinning now.

And as if these visitors from another planet wouldn’t be thoroughly confused as to where the intelligent life forms might be found at this point, imagine their reaction when they find out 50 percent of this great American society has their bank account with Bank of America. Really? Next to our kids and safety, money is our most needed possession, and yet we spend it in a wasteful manner by earning lower rates on deposits, paying higher fees and paying more interest on loans.

The aliens would leave confused and frustrated. Where is this most intelligent life form?  At a credit union, for starters.

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