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It’s Great To Be A Cardinals Fan!

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Sure Game 1 of the World Series was a debacle, but I can’t believe that there are Cardinal fans complaining and criticizing the finest organization in baseball – maybe in all of sports. Games 2, 3 & 4 had some craziness attached, as well. We’ve won two and lost two, and all the sports talk show geeks want to talk about the two losses. Disguised behind the idea that as a paying customer they can criticize whoever they want, whenever they want, is disturbing. Most of the “haters” aren’t any good at what they do in their own working lives, yet they regularly purport to have the ability to manage the Cardinals better than Matheny. Whatever.

If you’re a baseball fan, then this is the best city in America. Period. End of conversation. Ten of the last 14 years in the playoffs, plus four of the last ten years in the World Series sort of says it all, don’t you think? Last year they were one win away from the big dance. That would have been 50 percent of the time in the last decade. WOW!

That being the case, the haters’ voice should be quieted. Nope. These knuckleheads are lighting up the phone lines and polluting the airwaves of every sports radio show in the city with their vitriolic debate over some trivial matter involving a line-up or manager’s move. Geesh!

Being displeased with the performance of the Cardinals is like disliking your favorite author because a couple of pages of the novel are not as riveting as other select pages. Can you imagine hanging on every word of a John Grisham novel only to criticize his work? Look, he’s great and he has a library full of books to prove it. One of his many works is his least best and is found at the bottom of the list of favorites, but that doesn’t make him a bad author. Get it?

The Cardinals have to be viewed on their entire set of work over countless years – not a game, or an at bat, or a fielding blunder. Eleven championships and a chance at a twelfth is a magnificent book of business. All but the Yankees would agree.

You can’t give up on church because the pastor has a bad message one particular weekend. Maybe America’s divorce rate would be a lot less than 50 percent if a couple of bad days were overlooked. If all I paid attention to were my kids’ mistakes, I would have had a personal relationship and a very large phone bill dealing with Dr. Laura. I paid attention to all the good, not the bad. Overall, they were great kids, and that’s where I chose to focus.

Too many people in St. Louis pay too close attention to the “scorecards” for their Cardinals and every other activity in their life, for that matter. Give me a break! What happened to forgiveness, turning the other cheek, looking the other way, and being considerate and compassionate for your fellow man? In the case of the “Birds on the Bat,” apparently all that goes out the window if Matheny makes a pitching move that doesn’t quite line up with your thoughts.

Yeah, I’m a Homer, but why not? At least there is something to hold on to. How’d you like to be a Kansas City Royals fan? Their holding on to 1985 as their only lifeline. Or how about those lowly Cubs? The chances of their winning a title is as likely as Congress agreeing on anything involving budget issues.

Congratulations to the best team in baseball since the turn of the century and especially over the past decade. It’s great to live in St. Louis and be a Cardinals fan. No matter what happens in the World Series, I won’t be on the radio complaining. Get the hint.

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