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It’s Your Turn To Help Us Promote Financial Literacy

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Re-thinking old beliefs is essential to progress. Shifting paradigms is how many people in the world of academia refer to it. If you need proof of the many shifts in our lives, think about pay phones, Walk-mans, computers, automobile designs and the number of television channels. Yes, change comes in waves and we have to adjust our attitudes and wallets to effectively adapt.

Here’s a major paradigm shift of the financial kind. Housing prices may not always increase. Thus, the comfort level of building wealth through home equity is probably misguided and needs an attitude adjustment. The highly respected voice of the St. Louis Federal Reserve, Julie Stackhouse, said this: “we like to think that values will always increase over time; we need to begin to think that they might not…” She went on to say: “And you must be able to repay your debt – particularly when it’s a big debt…”

The St. Louis Community CU Foundation could not agree more and, as a result, continues our active financial literacy efforts in the community. We, as consumers, must get smarter. The Foundation knows this all too well, and is doing what it can to put forth valuable knowledge to this great community to help in building personal wealth.

Now is the time to “buck-up” to help our efforts. The leadership has set out to raise as much money in March as possible to help get the word out on financial literacy to even more people than in the past. That’s no easy task, given that we have reached thousands of people in recent years with a message that includes budgeting, saving, smart use of credit and avoiding payday lenders.

March is the month for giving a few dollars to help the cause. Our staff is leading the charge. We’ll donate for the privilege of wearing jeans and tennis shoes at work during the month. We’ll extend the party to our thousands of giving members by taking donations in the lobbies of our ten branches.

Something big is coming in April. I mean really big. Now is the time for those who have a heart for helping people to be a part of a major paradigm shift in our city. We’re taking our commitment to a whole new level. April is financial literacy month, and we’re going to celebrate by ensuring people have access to ideas, services and helpful tips to putting more money in their pockets.

Wealth-building is made up of the little things. Having a good budget; having a “rainy day” fund; having good credit (and not much of it); and paying less in fees. Somebody has to provide the training. That’s where you and I come into play. Make your donations today to help make our city a better, more responsible place to live.

Whatever your gift, the Foundation appreciates it. Yes, it’s your turn to help.

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