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It Takes All Kinds

On February 16th, 2016, posted in: Uncategorized by 1 Comment

all kinds of toolsI’m coming clean with you. No sense pretending any longer. Oh sure, I can talk a good game, but the fact is that I am horrendous in my ability to work with anything mechanical or electronic. Nope, see, I’m already fibbing a little. I am horrendous in my ability to work with anything that has a button, a dial, a switch, a lever or a key. Quite frankly, the number of buttons, dials, switches, levers or keys found on a device is in direct proportion to my incompetency in its use. Light switches I get. After that, it’s a crapshoot.  


For God’s sake, people, I need protective eyewear to use a Waterpik. I don’t have a tool box, I have a tool bag. Truthfully, I’ve been confused by an Allen wrench. I sneeze the entire time in Home Depot. Propane gas grills are way off limits. This is embarrassing to admit, but changing a furnace filter has been known to kick my butt. So has changing batteries in just about anything. Add to this list of ineptitude that I have an iPhone 5 that I use as a phone ONLY!!!!! If it can’t be fixed by WD-40 or duct tape, I stare longingly into space with a face that screams HELP! I’ve used duct tape on everything but a duck. I’ve had to consult the owner’s guide in my car to open the trunk.


In an effort to save face, it’s important to recognize that “different strokes for different folks” is very much the truth. We all have our strengths (that’s what men with a limited “fix-it” gene say). I mean, after all, how many people can write a weekly blog filled with inane drivel? Or stand in front of a room full of people and speak without filling the dialogue with “and-um” the entire time. See, I got a few things going on. I write some great poetry, push a mean vacuum cleaner, make a killer pot of chili and, if I may say so myself, can make a bed that you can bounce a quarter off of. And if you decide to move, give me a call — I can pack a truck like putting together a 1,000-piece puzzle. Take that.


The truth is, it takes all kinds. Many hands make the load light. Inside our shop, we have a multitude of diversity in countless disciplines. We have people who can write, speak, fix, think and do. We have expertise enterprise-wide. Very few times do we find ourselves fumbling about looking for an “expert” on staff. I can’t think of the last time we ended up not having that special person in the fold. You know what that’s called? It’s called genius, that’s what it is.


“A man’s got to know his limitations.” Harry Callahan uttered these words. Not ringing a bell? Think Dirty Harry. Clint Eastwood has had a number of great lines in a number of movies, but this utterance from the ‘70’s should be the title of a business course in a MBA program.


Be honest with yourself. Then surround yourself with people who have strengths that you don’t have. Watch the business flourish. Yep, the smart bosses hire smart people. And if you’re bad at fixing things at home, marry a great wife who’s good at it. Thanks, honey — I love you.

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