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It Takes Many Hands

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people on mountaintopWe are a people drawn to a sense of community. It’s a natural process to seek out community that serves our personal needs. There are so many different communities to which we belong. Where we live, work, worship, play, gather, vote and choose to go to school are the communities we cohabit with like people who seek out the same community. We end up where we end up because of conscious thought (most of the time).  We want to be there chosen of our own free will. 

Less talked about are the people who end up in a community they do not want to be part of.  They get stuck there through factors they control and many, many others that they don’t. Poverty is a community of people tied together by the commonality of circumstances that hold them in an economic strata less than ideal, along with the common goal of wanting to get the heck out.

St. Louis Community sets out every day to eradicate poverty-stricken, low-moderate income communities. Poverty, too many times, is the undergirding to crime. To assist economic mobility is our motivation. It’s the charge of community development banking. Helping people climb an economic ladder that starts with achieving household stability, followed by wealth accumulation and ultimately generational wealth, is our goal.  Add hope, thoughtfulness and action, and you start moving the dial.

We never forget our purpose, mission and role. There are many who share the same motivations as SLCCU. They, too, are motivated by improving our communities. Our collective success is driven by a unified thought. We recognize that rather than focus on the problems, we must focus on what to do about them. We need each other. It takes many hands to lift the heavy load of poverty.

Not forgetting about the communities within our region that are less fortunate is the first step. It’s hard to act on things we’ve forgotten. Nobody, I mean nobody, has ever fixed what is out of mind. Plainly put, forgetfulness adversely affects impact.

In this season of giving, and every other season as well, we should not forget about a community less fortunate than our own. These communities are not intentionally cast aside; rather, they become marginalized over time because the collective business community hesitates in making investment. Because business is driven by profit, and poorer communities don’t jibe with the business plan’s return-on-equity requirements, they end up being forgotten. It happens in an accidental, matter-of-fact sort of way.

Directly or indirectly, join SLCCU and many others in serving our marginalized communities. Your time, treasures and talents are great gifts this time of year. Your support of those of us who lift up the communities in need is essential. It’s time to change the brand of our region from steep reservation among potential business and travelers to one of endorsement first followed by investment.

Lifting up those communities in need is accomplished by all of us. St. Louis outside of St. Louis is defined as the entire region. Nobody knows of our 90 municipalities and St. Charles County. They know of St. Louis. We’ve got work to do. We can improve our sense of community as a whole by erasing the imaginary lines drawn for the purpose of local governance. The challenges belong to us all.

Don’t forget — having a weak community is very expensive to the individual, family, community and region.

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