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It Was Time for the Change

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typewriterWhy the data processing upgrade?

It was time for the change. Have you ever had something that wasn’t working right, but you kept fixing it all the time and it kept costing you money? You knew you had to get something new, but when? When would be the best time? We knew there would never be a perfect time, but knew we had to do something. We committed and finally got it done.  After years of analysis, it ended up like pulling off a BAND-AID®. But it was time.

Our current data processing system was just that — expensive, old, outdated and needed to be changed. We had the equivalent of a ’59 Ford Edsel versus the reliability, safety, and modern technology and features of today’s finest automobiles. We had the equivalent of a rotary dial phone stuck on the wall versus the iPhone 6. We were doing you a disservice to not upgrade so you could have the best possible solutions going forward.

You voiced your concerns when we chose to make such a move. The fact that it was on a Friday and at the beginning of the month seemed less than ideal. Yes, and as a result, we knew lines would be long. But lines were going to be long at the beginning of any month. Pick any month of the year — it would be the same problem. Our members use us for their cash needs on the first five to six days of every month. That being the case, we thank you for your patience and cooperation. SLCCU members regularly remark to me that “patience is a virtue.” We thank you for the great attitude displayed during our very busy times.

We also knew that because of the upgrade to our system, a few of you could possibly have issues that would create confusion and frustration. To those of you who had a problem, we apologize for the frustration. If you were someone who experienced a problem, please know that we are active in our problem resolution. Two things surfaced that were unexpected. We had issues related to debit card authorizations. These issues impacted a small group of members with debit cards. We believe that within 48 hours, we have fixed the majority of concerns and expect to have any remaining concerns addressed promptly. If you were one of these people with a debit card problem, we apologize. We also had members that experienced problems signing in to Online Banking. This is an easy fix, and we are glad to assist you. If you experienced some other issue, we want to know about it.

I have found over many years of leadership that one of two things happens in stressful situations: You see the best in people or you see the worst in people. Without question (both members and staff), we witnessed the absolute very best in people. Thanks to our members for their continued devotion and loyalty to SLCCU.

They say that an aircraft carrier is a moving city. We moved an aircraft carrier on July 3. It is slow, methodical and calculated, but extremely rewarding.

Thank you for your continued support.

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