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It’s Time to Win!

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runner crossing finish lineYou ever feel like every bird that flies overhead has you in its sights for a deposit of their lunch — complete with wild berries? You know what I mean. If you get your car washed, you are destined to have one of God’s flying creatures ruin your day. SPLAT on your windshield!!! Murphy’s Law: Right in your line of sight — for sure.

We were foretold of such difficulties written in the Good Book. There would be troubles on every side according to Scripture: fights on the outside of us, fears on the inside of us. WOW! Now that’s a tumultuous thought for the day. Between the two, fights and fears, the battles are there and make themselves known to us on a regular basis.

Don’t let the world get you down. The instant news cycle is filled with fights and fears. It seems to be neverending. Even if you had a good day, by turning on the TV, you’ll soon find out that there’s a lot going on that otherwise tarnishes the joy and happiness in which you were basking. You have two choices: Rise above or sink under the strain.

Here are some tips to make this the best day ever — tomorrow, too, and every day. If we’re equipped for the fights and fears, we can win every day and land on top. You can equip yourself. Take charge.

  1. Eat healthy and nourishing food. We’re all guilty of cheating with some demon to good health, but generally speaking, trade in the ice cream for a carrot stick.
  2. Get a good night’s sleep. Seven to eight hours is a good number to shoot for.
  3. Keep company with good people. Hanging out with Debbie Downer all day will put you in a mood that is far from productive and healthy.
  4. Turn off the TV. There is no question that you can overdose on the news. Remember, they “lead with what bleeds.” Turning on the news in the hopes of seeing a Boy Scout walk a grandma across a busy intersection is futile. Nobody pays attention to the Boy Scout or the grandma unless they both have warrants out for their arrest.
  5. Exercise. Low on a lot of people’s to-do list, but I swear to you — it’ll make you feel better.
  6. Do something meaningful and kind. Yeah, random acts of kindness should be a daily goal. Say something nice, be respectful, buy a small gift, pay for a stranger’s lunch, or compliment a person’s outfit. You never know when your words are going to help someone overcome their own fights and fears.

Physical renewal is key to mental strength. When you’re healthy, you’ve got a better shot at defeating both the fights outside and the fears inside. Don’t let one of life’s SPLATS hit you right in your line of sight without being able to fight back. Time to win.

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