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Jobs Had Rare Impact On Our World

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Steve Jobs.  Not many names over the past couple of weeks have elicited as much response as this innovator extraordinaire.  The admiration and heartfelt appreciation of his accomplishments historically have been reserved for heads of state and statesmen.  Since less and less is said positively about these guys, I guess we had some pent up demand.  Mr. Jobs is deserved of the accolades.  They blanket the airwaves, the social networks, the print media and the conversations being held in lunchrooms and at water coolers.

A Yale professor got in on the act and said the following as it related to his role as an American entrepreneur:  “As for Jobs, no one could figure out what he was.  He was no engineer or technologist.  He was no conventional businessman either.  Like everyone who counts most in the world, he made himself up as he went along, improvised himself out of scratch, occupied a job category whose total size was always one.”

That’s as complimentary and captivating a description of one’s impact on the world as I have ever read or heard.  As I draft this blog, I am thinking of others who might be deserved of such an eloquent obituary.  Jesus Christ was the only one in his job category: saving the world from eternal damnation pretty much meets the requirement of “who counts most in the world.” I’m being literal in my assessment.  The Yale professor, I feel quite certain, was probably drawing a more figurative description.  Though, the list remains short for sure.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa and George Washington are on the short list.

No question from the obituary that Mr. Jobs would never be confined to some overly restrictive and limiting job description.  From now on, we should have “Jobs Descriptions.”  Get it?  Here’s some language for a “Jobs Descriptions.”

“Be introspective and re-engineer (re-invent) yourself accordingly.  Be creative, even when you’re thought of as weird.  Be well-rounded.  If it takes you talking Harleys or talking Jesus, be good at both.  Be audacious.  Whatever is considered as the “norm” should be boldly and blatantly disregarded when necessary.  When there is no recipe or pattern from which to make the first cut, start from scratch.  Focus is both knowing what to do and what not to do when there are a hundred good ideas on the table.”

Imagine having a workforce filled with people who meet the qualifications of this “Jobs Description.”  WOW!  Do you think they would have a distinct, competitive advantage?  Me, too.

We are very proud of our staff at SLCCU.  They are thinkers.  They do what it takes.  Yeah, we have the old fashion job descriptions – something to do with the highly litigious world of HR law.  But I think we’ll add the above language under the heading of “other tasks as assigned.”  Everyone will get a job description and a “Jobs Description.”

After all, an organization full of Steve Jobs type thinkers has to do better for their members.

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