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Just the Facts

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chalkboard with facts vs myths written on topHere we go again.  Hater’s hate.  UGH!  How is it that lack of information and/or misinformation allows for a determination of one’s feelings in the negative to seemingly escalate to a fever pitch of hatred overnight?  If you are inflicted by such a malady, please seek to change.  Counseling may be the answer.

Again, we were made aware of misinformation about SLCCU being used to libel our institution.  Never mind that factual information is readily available through our website, regulatory filings, and numerous publications—to say nothing for just asking us.  Why clutter an intended upon disdainful message with facts?  It is a sad day when natural allies choose to defame one another—especially with blatant lies.

A local credit union has chosen to spread untruths about SLCCU.  A credit union that competes to some degree with what we do, and apparently feels it necessary to construct fairy tales as to our success rather than to “man-up” and compete on facts, figures, and mission.  You know who you are.

Don’t misunderstand my rant.  I sleep quite well at night and refuse to allow a playground bully-like modus operandi to prevail.  It is just so disappointing to believe that so-called professionals (in this case) have nothing better with which to focus their energies.

Dare I suggest that the misguided energy devoted to the slander of a competitor might be better served on constructively attempting to compete on the merits of market demand?  In other words, their lame attempt to gain share of market by false accusations of SLCCU cannot be as fruitful as, oh let’s say, lowering their fee structure.

When you lead in brand strength, economic impact, workplace culture, public relations notoriety and financial strength, as is the case with SLCCU, you naturally become a target for those inflicted by envy, lack of creativity and a void in business acumen.  When constructive means by which to compete are too hard, they yell false accusations from the distance.  Loud is not right.  It has been my experience that the loudest in the room has the least to contribute.

Why do people hate the Cowboys and Patriots of the NFL?  They’re winners.  Same holds true for the Cardinals and the Yankees?  Other than their devoted fan base, everybody else casts stones.  Why?  The teams are perennial winners.  They become targets of hatred only because they lead.  Inversely, nobody hates a loser.  There’s more of a pathetic feeling than hate.

Whatever the reason for hatred of SLCCU by credit union “X”, might we recommend a few remedies to get you through your obvious inferiority complex?  1) Compete on sound business merits; 2) Your childish ways are only exceeded by your boorish existence—keep your falsehoods to yourself; 3) Try self-diagnosis and introspection to better yourself rather than suffer the embarrassment of attempting to tear down your competition; 4) GET A LIFE!

Credit Union “X” knows who they are.  Antithetic to your approach, we actually wish you well.  As we are allies, we recognize that “a rising tide makes all the boats rise.”

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