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Keep Your Financial Affairs To Yourself

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“SSHHHH!!!!  Your voice carries.”  Chances are you have either said “SSHHHH” or have had it said to you.  Sometimes people talk too loud in situations where they probably shouldn’t be talking at all.  Most of us are guilty on occasion.

Heck, sometimes people talk too loud to people they don’t even know.  What’s worse is that the discussion centers around subject matter one should never broach with a stranger. Be especially careful when you’re discussing your financial situation.  IDENTITY THEFT IS “OFF THE CHARTS.”

Be discreet!  There are certain things one doesn’t discuss publicly – your account at the Credit Union comes to mind.  Know your audience and the strength of your vocal chords.  Sure, you might be comfortable sharing critical information, but the guy or gal on the other end may have an idea that’s less than noble.  Sneak a peek around you; who else is listening?

The other day, I’m on an airport parking lot shuttle doing my best “packed like a sardine” imitation, when a conversation broke out over my left shoulder.  Whatever was this young lady thinking?  I don’t like eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation, but when one is conversing at a decibel level equal to that of a jet engine, it’s hard to ignore.  Look, all I want when I’m being “shuttled” on any airport property is a safe arrival.  Inappropriate conversation among fellow riders is awkward.  Nevertheless it happens, and so we deal with it.

For whatever reason, this young lady felt obligated to impale us with her piercing dialogue centered on her current financial condition.  Is this appropriate on a shuttle bus?  I should think not.  She stopped just short of yelling out her account number.  I was ready to get off the shuttle and walk the rest of the way.  Worse yet, she was talking about her BANK!  That’s part of the issue.  I held back, but I wanted to yell “JOIN A CREDIT UNION.”

Here’s your lesson.  Your financial affairs should be considered off limits outside of a quiet, private interaction at the Credit Union or in a sound proof room with anyone other than your spouse.  Never publicly discuss anything dealing with your checking account; your credit card; your savings balance; and/or your inability to reconcile or balance any of them.  In addition, avoid conversation as it relates to anything dealing with your ATM PIN; your buying habits; how much you make; how much you owe; or any other comment that allows someone to hear your private financial dealings.  This is, of course, not a complete list – just a starting point to get you going in the right direction.

There are just certain things better left unsaid.  Be discreet.  Know your audience.  If it is something that you would not talk about in church, then you probably should “nip” it from your discussion.  SHHHH!!!!  Discretion is the better part of valor.

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