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Life Is Too Short to Be Unhappy

On June 8th, 2015, posted in: Uncategorized by 1 Comment

head deskI just read a staggering number that is both outrageous and rather depressing all rolled up into one. Seven out of every 10 people are “unhappy and disengaged with their work.” This statistic comes to us compliments of a Gallup poll, which I presume was conducted by “unhappy and disengaged” people. Nevertheless, we have to go with the number as accurate. Maybe the three happy and engaged employees did most of the work.

I’ve used this blog before to discuss workforce unhappiness. It’s been a while, but my message to those unhappy in their job remains over-simplified: Quit. I know that some people are stuck for any number of reasons, but truly, it is unfathomable to me that people spend eight hours or more per day (up to 10 hours including travel) in a job that they dislike. UGH!

I guess if you can’t make a move (who knows why), I feel sorry for you, but I would surely encourage you to make the best of what is a bad situation. It breaks my heart that almost three out of every four people spend most of their working hours unhappy. They’re a tolerant group for sure.

If the words unhappy and disengaged were used to describe a marriage…well, you know. The divorce rate is over 50%. Dissolving a marriage probably costs more than a job change — I’m just saying. Yet, we remain mired in disdain inside the workplace. I’m confused.

If you’re stuck, what can be done? “Help yourself” comes to mind. Find new interests that contribute to greater job satisfaction: Build and expand relationships, improve skills (both hard and soft), seek new areas of interest, think creatively, strive to be the very best in your communication skills. Heck, maybe you’re misunderstood. Whatever the case, you’ve got to do something to put the happy back in eight to 10 hours of your day.

It is my prayer that people find a place to go every day that is fulfilling and rewarding. Likewise, it is my hope that people in every walk of life, whatever your role, gain satisfaction and happiness in their job. Life is too short to be unhappy for half of your waking hours.

So under the category of “things that will never happen,” I have added that I will never be “unhappy or disengaged” at work. I hope others join me in this pledge.

Other things that will never happen include bungee jumping, running a marathon and picking up dog poop during a walk with man’s best friend. I’m just saying.


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  • AG says:

    What happened to good old cognitive dissonance?.. just kidding, it is a very sad statistic. I join you in the pledge.

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