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Like Tiger, We Are Constantly Striving to be the Best

On November 17th, 2008, posted in: Uncategorized by 1 Comment

Tiger Woods is my favorite athlete. He’s the greatest golfer of all time. My buddy Mickey doesn’t agree. He’s a Jack Nicklaus fan. His allegiance to Nicklaus is the result of an autograph he received from Jack after a considerable wait outside the scoring tent at Butler National Golf Course in Chicago. Whatever!

More than a golfer, Mr. Woods is an athlete in the truest sense of the word. The manner in which Tiger trains, prepares mentally and physically, as well as his ability to continually learn makes him the consummate professional. What he does better than most is real time assessment of information. If he hits a bad shot, he immediately kicks into “adjustment” mode. He assesses what needs to be done so as to not have a repeat of the problem. Instantaneous feedback makes for effective growth. He is never satisfied. The information he gains today, he uses to be better tomorrow – not next month. A quick adjustment eliminates the prospect of forming bad habits. You can’t argue with Tiger’s methods or his results.

St. Louis Community Credit Union employs a number of processes that facilitate instant assessment, as well. Our belief is that you can’t manage what you can’t measure, so we always want to fully understand how we’re doing. We examine processes to insure that best practices are being employed throughout the organization. Member surveys flood the market regularly to help us assess our service. We want to know if we’re doing the very best that we can in 12 different components of service. In addition, there are a host of measurements that assure the quality of our products. The last thing a member wants, for instance, is a check order or debit card with a misspelled name.

Just like Tiger, we’re learning from today’s information to be even better tomorrow. Much like the golf swing, our operation is sophisticated, complex and comprised of thousands of intricacies. Throw into the mix people, and there is a need for constant assessment. The last thing we want is bad habits sneaking into our operation. So we study it all, just like Tiger. He wins trophies. We win member loyalty.

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  • David W. Smith says:

    Mr. Adams – A suggestion for the our on-line banking software….The pending account transactions are misleading in a checking account. While I think the intent is to reconcile the difference between the current and available balances, that does not happen exactly. Some items (from the use of the debit card) that have posted to the account linger in pending thus making the reconcilation inaccruate. The note that explains the pending is also inaccruate and untrue. I suppose this function is better than nothing, but I bet Tiger would not be happy. I talked it over with the staff, they say it’s out of their control since your vendor for on-line banking controls the features. They said they would pass the suggestion to get this fixed up the chain. Anything you can do to make the on-line banking better would be appreciated. Thanks (member since the MOPAC credit union days).

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