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Linda, We’re Going To Miss You!

On November 3rd, 2008, posted in: Uncategorized by 2 Comments

Linda just retired, and we’re going to miss her every single day that she’s gone. Sure, we wish her the best, but forgive us for being a little bit selfish. Deep in that place where emotions stir, we really do wish she would have stayed.

If you ever called on the phone, there’s a good chance you may have spoken with Linda. She was a top producer in just about every category we measure. If you ever visited our South City office, chances are you’ve seen and/or talked with her. If you ever wanted a Certificate of Deposit; opened a checking account; got a car loan; or inquired about a host of other services, my guess is Linda probably helped. How do I know that? Well, Linda was at the South City office since we first put the key in the door 13 years ago. She’s what one might refer to as a staple – and a really good one at that.

Linda was great at service. She displayed a passion for the Credit Union and what we do for the community we serve. She was a great co-worker, and regularly shared ideas for helping us to get even better at what we do. If you take just a minute and add up what I’ve said in the past few paragraphs, you will come to realize that I’m not kidding when I say we’re going to miss her.

Everybody has a favorite Linda story. I’ve tied together a whole bunch of stories and mental images to form a beautiful, caring memory. She will be forever remembered as a champion for the sprit of what St. Louis Community Credit Union is all about. Linda helped write the book on our success.

Now don’t get me wrong, Linda is just one of many caring, loving, thoughtful, kind and considerate people who work for the Credit Union. We expect nothing less than a passionate commitment to our members, and the entire Credit Union staff always answers the bell. Given the respect we have for our fellow workers, I’m sure everyone in the organization joins me in wishing Linda the best in her retirement.

I say all that to say…Linda will be missed!

2 Responses to “Linda, We’re Going To Miss You!”

  • s & r morris says:

    Linda is great. I will mess her helping me with everything I every needed. Here smile was one thing I looked forword to seeing when I came in. She will truly be meesed.

  • Judy DeFrancesco says:

    Just wanted to add, a member came into the Forest Park branch on Monday 11.24.2008 and also mentioned how much he will miss Linda, he said he was paying over 21% APR on his auto loan to HSBC and Linda gave him some strong advice as to refinancing his car. Well, in fact she did refinance and was able to get his rate down to 7.29%. Just another way we show how we can improve your standard of living and better your lifestyle. After all we are here for you, here for life.

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