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Listen, Really Listen, to Improve Our World

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businessman on cellphoneHave you ever heard the term “tin ear”? Merriam-Webster (the dictionary) defines tin ear as “a lack of ability to hear something in an accurate and sensitive way.”

The world is full of tin ears. Tin ear is at epidemic levels, yet I see nobody taking steps to eradicate this horrible disease. I don’t know — I’m just saying that if we attacked tin ear like we attacked Ebola, the world would be a better place. Write your Congressman — let’s get funding to rid ourselves of this horrendous listening affliction.

I know (please don’t write me), Ebola is deadly and very serious. For me to draw such a parallel could be considered insensitive and inconsiderate. Please accept my attempt at contrition. I’m just pointing out the obvious in that tin ear is much more of a pandemic than one might think and, in some instances, has surely led to death.

How many tin ears do you know? I know about a million. OK, I’ve exaggerated — a half-million. The world hears things with less accuracy and less sensitivity than ever before. Hiding behind the facade of political correctness is a world filled with opinion and intolerance that is stifling to the goodness and caring that is our inherent human nature. Listen (for real) and make our world a better place.

Elected officials who call Washington D.C. home are notorious for showing us their tin ears on a daily basis. A difference in political leanings is not reason enough to turn off any due consideration of a good idea. There are good ideas on both sides of the aisle, and both sides need to listen and be sensitive. Only then will the American people benefit.

Everybody has a personal opinion. Many stand proudly on the mantra that “I’m my own person.” Good for you. To be your own person doesn’t require someone not to listen.  Heck, you might even learn something. Social decorum is under attack because of our willingness to lash out at any idea that is different. Based on what I see on TV, society’s new norms and behaviors display anything but sensitivity. ATTACK…always ATTACK!!

Tin ear has caused loves to be lost, people to perish, businesses to fail and wars to be fought — all because of this horrific (yet easily cured) disease.

I know a surefire way of honing in on those who are stricken by tin ear. When you are speaking with someone in hopes that that person is truly listening to your thoughts in order to gain accuracy and sensitivity, and you notice a cellphone close by, STOP! You are wasting your breath. That person hears nothing you say.  Unless “FIRE” came up as a text message on their phone, they wouldn’t move a muscle.

Too many tin ears are killing our culture.

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