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Make 2010 Better Than 2009

On December 28th, 2009, posted in: Uncategorized by 1 Comment

Let’s make 2010 the best year ever.  If we all work together, it can end up better than year’s past.  Here are some ideas and some basic tenets by which (if practiced) can turn “10 into a 10.”  Easy stuff that when consciously applied makes this crazy world seem a heck of a lot better. 

Walk in love.  It may be tough on occasion (especially on the highways), but error on the side of love.  When the world tries to pull you into their craziness and hatred, make a “no holds barred” move to a place of love.  Love starts the ball rolling for so much else to happen.  If you come from a place of love, then patience is easier and forgiveness flies into the forefront of your thinking and pushes vengeance to the rear of the line. 

Have a passion for what you do.  Whatever is you chosen profession, your commitment to volunteerism or your favorite hobby, have a passion for it.  Passion fosters excellence and excellence makes the community a better place.  I think passion is “it.”  You know when you see somebody and you think, man that guy’s got “it,” and whatever “it” is, I would like to get some of “it”—well, that “it” is passion.  Passion raises the bar.  We all need a little more. 

Couple love and passion with compassion and you’re stirring the 2010 pot with some great ingredients for success.  People are flawed—we are of the world so as a result, we make plenty of mistakes—oh brother, do we.  When mistakes occur, practice that forgiveness I spoke of earlier .When people are hurting, I tend to take the football coach approach and tell them to “rub a little dirt on it.”  You know—suck it up wienie boy—get on the other side—be a man.  In 2010, I’m going to work on my compassion and show the caring forgiveness that I would want shown to me during those tough times.  

Take care of your health.  You can’t do much if you’re not well.  I’m a huge fan of exercise—do a little more of it in 2010.  Good diet is important to good health—I’ve got to do better.  I’m going to stretch more in 2010.  I understand that flexibility is key to good health in one’s later years.  Yes, that is an admission that I’m moving into the “later years.” 

And finally, have a wealth of spirit.  I’ve lived long enough and witnessed countless times that wealth is far from a measurement of money.  Some of the richest people I know barely make it from paycheck to paycheck.  But their spirit for life is exceedingly, abundant and far above the richness of money.  If you have a wealth of spirit, you are rich beyond your wildest imagination. 

Make 2010 the best.  Walk in love, have a passion for what you do, a compassion for your fellow man, have good health and a wealth of spirit.  That’s a great start.  Happy New Year. 

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  • Berhonda Taylor - PFP Services - MO says:

    Fantastic! Blog, Patrick Adams,I also do believe that having passion and realizing your God given purpose in life and full-filling it everyday you are blessed to be allowed to live on this earth is the greatest gift of all.God Bless You,Your Family Business! Have a Wonderful, Safe Prosperous 2010!!!

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