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Map Out Your Financial Future

On September 8th, 2008, posted in: Uncategorized by 2 Comments

My dad wasn’t very smart when I was 15 years old.  At 25, he got a little smarter.  By the time I made it into my mid-thirties he had really improved his intellect.  His intelligence steadily improved for many years and now that I’m in my 52nd year, I have come to realize that my “ol’ man” was a genius.  Looking back on it, the best indication of his overwhelming “smarts” was that he could get us to our vacation destination every single year without the help of a GPS (global positioning system).  He did it with a plan and a map – the old fashioned way.

Maps have all but fallen out of good graces for the average traveler.  We now have sophisticated technologies that do all the mapping for us.  No more thought.  No need for a plan.  Just click on the Internet and, poof, your course is developed for you.  Enhance your Internet search a little bit and, voila, you’ll know where to stay, where to eat, and how to avoid the areas with road construction.  Life’s a whole lot easier now.

As a result, effective planning may be a lost art that has led to many consumers being a little too laid back in their approach – not only in vacation planning, but also in financial planning.

Where does that leave us?  Well, without effective plans, many people have excessive debt.  Minus an effective plan, some people, for instance, have been the victims of expensive mortgages that will only get more expensive.  Collectively, we are an entire generation of people who have little or no savings.  Could a plan have helped us out of such a dire outlook?  You bet!

Planning – especially a financial plan – is a good thing, and your Credit Union is at your disposal with an effective map to a successful future.  We’re just a phone call away.  We have multiple resources that work with you to help in the development of a plan. Whether debt management, credit counseling, retirement planning or development of an effective savings plan, the Credit Union provides this service to our members at zero cost.

So take a trip to success.  Get a plan….and map out your future.

2 Responses to “Map Out Your Financial Future”

  • Mickey Hayes says:

    Had the privelage of listening to Patrick this past weekend in San Antonio at the Texas Credit Union Leadership Conference. Whether it has been there or Vegas at the Driector Conference, Patrick has been very educating, entertaining and motivating in his delivery. Your credit union is very blessed to have such a great leader that is so caring and devoted to the CU Industry/Cause and his employees and members.

  • Erin says:

    I’ve been a member of this Credit Union for many years but never really took a good look at it as I have my main account at a local Bank. It just always felt safe having you in the background. Maybe it’s time to look closer and see what benefits I might gain in moving you to the foreground. Thanks, Patrick for blogging. It gives me a chance to take a peek on my own terms. 🙂

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