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Master Storytellers Can Make Anything Sound Interesting

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Some people are born storytellers. Great storytellers can fully engage a person while discussing something as inane as recapping their most recent visit to the local grocery store. Suddenly, you’re hanging on every word of what’s going to happen in Aisle 4. If it is anything near as good as what happened in Aisle 2, then you’re bursting with anticipation.

My buddy is one of those guys. As is the case with most storytellers, he’s handed a gift every once in a while. You know, one of those moments that allow for one’s storytelling prowess to kick in at the highest level. The passion, enthusiasm, the emotion – coupled with the unending string of adjectives – rise to the top when the story is one of those that doesn’t happen every day.

So the Super Bowl for storytellers showed up one morning last week in the form of a critter stuck in the garage of my buddy’s house. What a lucky break! The story goes something like this:

“We knew something was out there in the black. The noise was paralyzing to the silence that usually emanates from the garage. The scratching and the paws slapping the hard concrete were enough to keep our family glued to the locked door from which we safely listened intently from the other side of all the activity. Our collective imaginations began running wild and we became certain that Sasquatch was taking up residence between our cars – we would surely die at the hands of this seldom-seen monster. We would be found mauled in our beautiful home with no clues.

We had to go to work; we needed the cars. Something had to be done. Amidst the rhythmic sound of our hearts beating through our chests, I was brave enough to quickly open the door and push the garage door opener, ensuring that within minutes whatever the stalking menace was would be gone. But, what if it didn’t leave? OMG!

Shortly thereafter, with the garage door wide open and the critter noise concentrated to the opposite corner of the opened garage, mom dashed from the front door, dropped a sliced apple on the front-end of the garage and dashed back into the house, the whole time screaming bloody murder. Now, the neighbors joined the fray.

According to the guy across the street, who now had opened communication and remained on his cell phone the entire time, the critter showed itself as a skunk. The black & white fur ball that sported the same hairdo as Morticia of the Addams family ate the meal, surveyed the opportunity to leave the temporary garage prison, bolted across the street and darted through some bushes like a skunk possessed.

None of the pungent perfume that skunks are known for made its way into the garage, the yard, the bushes across the street or anywhere else for that matter. The garage door was closed as quickly as possible and life returned to normal. Our kids ate their vitamins and said their prayers.”

Now, that’s the way to tell a story. Beats the heck out of  “we had a skunk in our garage. He left without incident. No stink.”

Some people have a knack for making just about anything interesting. I’m glad he’s my buddy. Life is so much more fun because of his desire to articulate the “goings-on” in his life with an exaggerated flair for the dramatic.

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