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Mistakes happen. How we respond means everything.

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The true character of a company comes out when something goes wrong.  When a mistake hits the fan – that’s when you are able to determine exactly with whom you are dealing.  As an example, many people love their insurance company as long as they’re paying premium.  But the really good insurance companies are the ones that are still loved by their clients after a claim is filed.  That’s when you figure out what the company is really all about.

Same holds true for our Credit Union and our great staff.  We make mistakes. We work hard not to mess up, but it happens.  Now what?  Are we contrite?  Are we sincere?  Yes and yes.   We are humbled by the fact that members trust us to help them manage their money, and it literally pains us to fall short of both our own and our members’ high expectations.  The character of our credit union is on display in instances of an error, and we are of high character.

After we admit error and sincerely apologize, our character takes center stage as we take the essential step of asking: “Now how do we make it better for the member?”  We go above and beyond “oops…sorry,” and add value in our resolve.  We ask the member: “How do I make this right to your satisfaction?”  Not our satisfaction – the member’s satisfaction.  That’s our character and the difference between us and them.

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