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Mongolian Miracle Still One of My Favorites

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This time of year doesn’t escape me as the perfect time for miracles. God is an opportunist, of sorts, with the very best of intentions. Remember, He is omnipresent and, as a result, is always in the right place at the right time. Because people’s emotions are near the surface during the Christmas season and hearts are just a little more tender, miracles are ripe for the making and for the taking.

For me, it’s not a question if there will be a miracle, it’s when. Where’s the next miracle?  They are everywhere – daily. To me, the best kinds of miracles come from the most unexpected of places and involve the most unlikely of people. Average Joes everywhere are pressed into action – doing God’s miracles and, in many cases, without hesitation or comprehension.

One of my favorite miracles remains one that occurred in 2006. There are many on my list of favorites, but you have to admit what happened a few years back is still one of the best. It involves a Mongolian herdsman from the mountains, a dolphin from the sea, a piece of pool plastic, and an abundance of the human spirit. Just think about how this odd couple (a herdsman and a dolphin) would ever end up in the same discussion. That’s probably miracle enough. But wait, this is one of God’s best efforts. The herdsman (a shepherd of sorts – interesting, don’t you think?) happened to be the tallest man in the world and had arms longer than a bad date. Now factor in that their chance meeting was in an aquarium in China.

Here’s what happens. The dolphin decides that part of the pool’s liner looks like an inviting snack and proceeds to eat a big hunk that can’t be digested. If they don’t get this plastic paraphernalia out of Flipper’s tummy, things are going to get really fishy, really fast. Instruments didn’t work…tools didn’t work…pumps didn’t work…and mine, yours and the rest of the world’s arms are too short to reach down and yank this junk out. Now what? Find somebody with an especially long arm would be a good thing – but how long?

Enter God. Thankfully, the tallest dude in the world didn’t live in Detroit, Houston or New York. He lived in China. The dolphin and this Mongolian monster of a man are neighbors. Coincidence? I think not. They call this guy down from the hills, take off his XXXXL shirt, pry open the mouth of this less-than-discriminating dolphin, and have our hero go fishing for pool plastic. In a perfect ending to a perfect miracle, the dolphin survives because the tallest man in the world with the absolute longest of arms comes down from out of the mountains and pulls out a hunk of plastic pool liner lodged deep within the fish’s belly.

Still don’t believe in miracles? You’ve got to be kidding!

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