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My Scariest ‘Huh’ Moment Of The Week

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In a week filled with “huh” moments, one after another, I was most taken back by something I read in the paper mid-week. It had nothing to do with another public figure using TV to seek forgiveness for their lack of consideration for societal mores. So trite, I’m surprised we even care.

And nope, it had nothing to do with the bizarre “fake girlfriend who died” debacle that either victimized or was perpetrated by a Notre Dame football star. In either instance, it is disturbing that such a ruse was hatched for the purpose of gaining attention. You want attention? Roll through a stop light and you’ll get three pictures of you and your car compliments of the City Works Dept. For God’s sake, don’t invent a girlfriend and then have her die. OMG!!!

My “huh” moment for the week goes to recent college graduates worldwide. Their level of proficiency in applying the knowledge that they and their parents have paid for, through the hard-earned money they worked so hard to achieve, is leaving much to be desired. Only Lance Armstrong has fallen further, in recent times, than the quality of post-secondary education according to the data put forth in The Wall Street Journal piece.

The accreditation police have been out in force and report that 43 percent of all grades given in accredited universities and colleges today are “As.” Think about it. Out of every accredited school in the country filled with classrooms of high school graduates in pursuit of knowledge pertaining to countless subjects, four out of every 10 are “acing” the course. Really? As a doting father of four, whose kids are pretty bright (most days), even I don’t believe that. Raise your hand if you think that grade inflation is alive and well.

Forget Lance Armstrong. Performance enhancing drugs are easy to find in the form of the first letter of the alphabet. Now these “grads with grades” show up in the workplace with egos on steroids that have artificially stated their respective levels of expertise, and the fireworks start. See, the boss tends to be “old school” – when an “A” on the card meant an “A” in the brain.

These same college grads (with steroid enhanced grades) were tested to see if they could ascertain the difference between two editorials. You guessed it – no way. And possibly, scariest of all, these “A” toting ringers were asked if they could calculate the cost per ounce given a grocery item. OMG!!!! Nope, ain’t gonna happen.

So the week’s real story is not that Lance Armstrong cheated. We all pretty much knew that anyway, didn’t we? Nor should we be shocked by a football player who either invented or was hoaxed into having a make-believe girlfriend and having her die. It’s a football player – lots of hits on the head.

What should have really rocked your world this week is that accreditation is being handed out to universities and colleges in a gratuitous manner, allowing for both inflated tuitions and grades without providing for a high-quality product. Now that’s a story that should scare the heck out of you.

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