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Never Count Out The Longshot!

On May 11th, 2009, posted in: Uncategorized by

If you’ve read a handful of these blogs over the years, you’ve probably deduced that I’m a sports fan – not a fanatic. I’m much more interested in the human interest stories that run rampant through the sport’s annals of history. That being said, I guess I’m a human interest fan and sports just happen to be the lush venue for material.

A week ago Saturday I hit the mother load for human interest. Did you catch the Kentucky Derby? A scrawny, little horse and a scrawny, little jockey started so far back from the pack that they were in a different zip code. The track was muddy and the thoroughbreds in front were the best in the world. Most of the horses in the lead had blood lines and betting lines worth millions, while the little horse in the back was purchased for the equivalent of a used Hyundai with too many miles. Mine That Bird was a 50-1 shot. For those of us that aren’t big bettors, that translates to “no chance of winning.”

Then in a span of about 21 seconds, this horse and jockey took off in a blur and passed 18 other horses to cross the finish line almost seven lengths ahead of the nearest competitor. The jockey called on his smarts to make a bold move – good idea considering at one point this longest of longshots was 30 lengths behind the leader. Crossing the finish line was the start of beautiful emotion. The Cajun jockey had passion. He loved his win, his horse, his trainer and his deceased mom and dad, and proceeded to tell everyone at every opportunity. Not a single emotion or word was measured – you heard his heart talking, not his head. And what a big heart it was!

Who doesn’t love an “underdog achieves success against all odds” story? Our credit union is pretty familiar with the plot. St. Louis Community was a 50-1 shot in many ways. Nobody expected us to do what we did, but our passion for winning was too strong to ignore.

We’re providing financial products, services and education to our community that is positively changing people’s lives forever. We’ve been gaining on the bigger competitors every day. St. Louis consumers have made us the fastest growing credit union in Missouri, and the quick pace of member sign-ups continues. We may have been a few lengths off the lead in the past, but we’re making up ground in a big hurry. I expect we’ll finish strong and in the lead. Oh yeah, we’re smart, but we listen to our heart…that seems to be a winning combination.

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