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New Tagline Speaks For Itself

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I had some exhilarating conversation with our marketing guy, Mikey “O” last week regarding advertising and the like.  The “O-Man” is pretty informed on this type of subject matter and, as a result, I offered up my undivided attention.  We attacked the subject of “clarity of message” as it related specifically to the use of our recent tagline “The Social Conscience of Banking.”

“O” and a number of his peers in the world of advertising have a concern that our chosen “tag” may not transfer well to consumers (the target audience).  I disagreed – if for no other reason but to create spirited debate.  I love to debate, especially if I have a chance at winning.  But really, the “O” and I are on the same page.  Most importantly, let’s get it right.

The message we’re attempting to convey in our use of the tagline “The Social Conscience of Banking” is pretty simple.  Certainly it is a lot simpler than “two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.”  But the question is not dealing with simplicity.  The question by Mike and his fraternity of advertising brethren deals with clarity – will people get it?  People get the “Big Mac.”  Will people get our tagline, as well?

What does “Social Conscience of Banking” mean to the consumer is the crux of the debate. If there is too much thought required by the consumers, the message will be lost.  It doesn’t matter how clever or thought-provoking the tagline is.  The message will be lost if not easily understood.

I argue that “The Social Conscience of Banking” speaks to consumers with a clear, concise message that the Credit Union is about people first and foremost.  When other financial intermediaries are blinded by a for-profit-at-all-cost mentality, SLCCU is focused on helping people. We have a clear conscience.  We sleep well at night knowing that our decisions are made to help people.  When others focus on making their “bones” on the backs of working-class citizens, SLCCU is focused on “crawling in the foxhole” with our members.  Clear…right?

If you dissect “The Social Conscience of Banking” and check Webster’s Dictionary, “social” means “devoted to or characterized by friendly companionship.” Okay…that’s what we want.  Pretty clear?  Yep, I think so.  Now, how about “conscience?”  Webster defines it as “the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s conduct or motives.”  That’s us too.  Put them together and what do you have…devotion to doing what’s right for our members/friends.

St. Louis Community Credit Union is “The Social Conscience of Banking.”  We hope you and your fellow consumers agree.  We’d love your input.    

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