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No Bigger Heart

On December 28th, 2015, posted in: Uncategorized by

hearts on clotheslineLong ago, we determined my love for human interest stories. Add to it the fact that I am forever on the side of the underdog. Heartwarming stories about real-life successes in spite of being dealt tough conditions are my favorite stories.

Well, be advised. I’ve found my favorite so far. His name is Devon Berry. I wish I knew him. Hopefully, someday we’ll meet. It would be my distinct pleasure.

Stricken with cerebral palsy, this kid is a gift from God for all of us. Legs rendered less than useful without a walker, this young man is 125 pounds of pure muscle. His heart must make up the lion’s share of his body weight because I’ve never witnessed a bigger one. Do you tend to whimper, whine or feel sorry for yourself because you’re not perfect and showing the remnants of someone not as young as you once were? Your elixir is a big dose of Devon Berry. The word “inspirational” is used to describe Mr. Berry. Yes, he is, but the adjective isn’t enough. This guy is much more. To call him inspirational cuts short his impact. Oh by the way, touched on briefly in the exposé was the fact that he and his family live in a motel room. Hmmmm? So, you’re having a bad day — really?

I won’t soon forget the E:60 special on him via our friends at ESPN. With goosebumps the size of marbles and tears streaming down my face, I had napkins in both hands alternating the clearing of eyes so as to not miss a second of this amazing young man. It’s about a six- to eight-minute piece, and that’s how long I was welled-up with tears of joy. Before you take away my man card for boo-hooing, my guess is that the majority of people seeing the story had the same results, whether testosterone is involved or not. I’m just saying.

That same night, I was flipping channels and as bad luck would have it, I found the most recent presidential debate. I didn’t watch. Whether Republican or Democrat, independent or agnostic, “inspiration” is not the word that comes to mind with these folks. From the television highlights and lowlights, and the news accounts I read over the next few days after, if what occurred on that Vegas stage had taken place on a playground, it would have led everyone to the principal’s office. Apparently, what happened in Vegas truly should have stayed in Vegas.

What has happened to and with Devon Berry should be shouted from the mountain tops. This young man speaks, and passion rings loud. Don’t feel sorry for this kid; he would want nothing of the sort. He chooses success over failure and, as a result, blesses us all.

Which would you rather watch — grown men and women acting like children or a young man showing you what true leadership looks like? May I recommend Devon Berry?

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