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No Matter How You Think, We’re The Best Place For You

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It takes all kinds.  The world is not a melting pot, it’s a salad bowl.  We’re all jumbled up.  The diversity is great.  It makes us all stronger.  Imagine a world where we all think and do exactly the same.  If you’re like me, you’d be bored by the weekend.

My favorite contrast is in how we think.  Are we right brain or left?  Are we creative or pragmatic?  Is the world linear or a crooked, curly line that makes its way in something that resembles a child’s scribble?  Do you find yourself to be an abstract thinker or one who thinks in a concrete manner?

Whatever your flavor, St. Louis Community Credit Union is the place for you.  If you think there is no appreciable difference between checking accounts among banks and SLCCU, then my guess is you are drawn to us by the abstract idea that our credit union is about more than profits.  As I mentioned last week, we provide hope.  In addition, we focus on increasing your standard of living and bettering your lifestyle – not increasing profit.  We exist only to give back to you.  In many forms, we keep investing in your well being.  When one considers the capitalistic world in which we live that is beholden to the almighty dollar, this idea that the Credit Union’s profits are returned to our members is certainly abstract and unconventional.

If you’re a concrete thinker, we’re the place for you as well.  Our checking account is far different. Our rates are better, our fees are lower, our service is markedly more friendly and caring, and the minimum balance requirements are in your favor (not someone else’s).  Concrete thinkers analytically compare all of the data, and as a result, SLCCU becomes the choice. We’re the best in so many areas that the decision is obvious.

Either type of thinker, we’re the best choice.  Whether you’re a curvy line thinker or a straight line kind of person, both lead you to our door.

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