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Now That’s Called Living

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brothers vintageMy brother just turned 72. He’s a great man with a joy for life and a pleasant positivity regarding most everything. Kindness, consideration and a genuine appreciation for all that he has and had is always present. Life hasn’t always been easy, but he has chosen the path that makes lemons into lemonade. I love and admire him greatly.

He visited recently after taking a long driving trip out west, looping back through the Midwest to visit family before heading home to Minnesota for another cold and blustery winter. He has always been adventurous — sort of that guy who says “Why not?” instead of “Nope, can’t do it.” Another reason he is a magnet that just seems to draw people in.

As we traced his and my sister-in-law’s most recent trek via a red line drawn on an old school Road Atlas, he filled in the commentary to make that map come alive. He mentioned that at each stop, he saw it all. Whatever the site required — a short walk from the car to fully appreciate the beauty, suspense, adventure of their stop — he made it. As he put it, “I won’t be coming around that way again.”

It wasn’t said in an overemotional way — far from it. Just a matter of fact. The reality of it is that at 72, the paint-by-numbers of a life well-lived is getting closer to completion. Thanks to Father Time, there is an acknowledgment that things that once were a given may not be coming around again. That’s what he meant — nothing else. He’ll live to be 100 is my guess.

His comment hit me between the eyes as a reminder to drink in all of the joys and beauties of this world in which we live. Be a friend that a friend would like to have. Don’t shrug off that baby’s smile or coo. Hug hard. Laugh loud. As they say, dance like no one’s watching. Walk in the door from work and kiss your spouse smack dab on the lips with such force and passion that they think it’s a plea for forgiveness without even knowing what happened. And then when they ask, “What was that all about?” just say, “Nothing, just wanted you to know how much I love you.” Now you’re living.

My brother loves to bake. He takes his baked goods to the local farmer’s market and sells them to the consumers milling about. He covers expenses and puts enough change in his pocket to jingle when he walks. The real reason he goes is to talk with the people. That’s what matters most. The baked goods just get him a slot to talk with everyone who passes by. Folks, that’s called living. Doing what you love — talking and meeting people that make you smile. He’s always been brilliant, and never more so than now — the winter of his life.

I snapped some pictures on a recent trip and sent them to my wife. She asked, “What got into you? You never take pictures.” I thought for a second, and I realized that my brother’s lesson had stuck with me. True enough, I never take pictures — until now. You never know if you’ll be coming around that way again. Love you, brother.

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