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On Behalf Of Stressed Moms Everywhere…

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If you’re in the business of fast food, you better be fast. Fast is a relative measurement of time directly related to how busy our lives have become. What was considered to be fast isn’t fast anymore.

189.49 seconds waiting for an order from McDonalds is painful, especially when a person is within the narrow confines of a fuel-efficient car chock-full of kids under seven. McDonalds should know their consumer. 189.49 seconds is more than enough time for a parental fit of rage to occur, laced with dirty words that the kids will repeat later with uncanny context in front of Father Moynihan at Sunday’s 10:30 mass.

So, on behalf of stressed moms everywhere… Dear McDonalds Management: Hurry, please hurry; for the sake of young mothers’ sanity who are trying to provide sub-par nourishment on their way to a soccer match, a dance recital, or a dentist appointment logistically aligned prior to rushing home to fix dinner a few hours later. Yes, three minutes, nine and one-half seconds is an eternity.

3:09.5 is the slowest average speed of service McDonalds has registered in a survey conducted by industry trade publication, QSR. Shame on those who work under the majesty of the Golden Arches! It’s the lowest rating in the 15-year history of the study. Given that the Mighty Mac is the “fast food” icon that has enticed countless nugget frenzies among the little ones in our households for generations, they should do better. Emphasis on “fast” should be a focus. What happened?

McDonald’s thinks that too many product introductions in too short a period of time have refocused the store management, i.e. they took their eye off the corporate mantra – service. Operations became more complex, which reallocated attention and resources, resulting in bogging down the lines both in and out of the stores. This problem became compounded by too many people who special order their food. If you order anything “plain” in McDonalds, you have brought the production line to a screeching halt. Nothing on the menu allows for plain.

On behalf of stressed moms everywhere… Dear People Who Special Order Food at McDonalds: Please stop! If you are attempting to better your health choice, you should not be in this line to begin with. Removing the ketchup, mustard and pickles is not your health fix. It’s still a hamburger bathed in grease. They do offer salads. Maybe that’s a better go of it.

McDonalds isn’t the only company that must worry about service. Credit unions are on that list, as well. The credit union mantra on a national scale is “not for profit, not for charity, but for service.” Sort of sets the benchmark, don’t you think?

Yes, we have lots of products, drive-thru windows and busy times, but service must remain as a key component to our differentiation. People are giving us their money. Next to their kids, money is probably second on the list of really important stuff. Anybody who trusts a financial institution enough to give them their hard-earned money should get great service. We’ve got some work to do, as well.

On behalf of stressed moms everywhere… Dear credit unions: I work 24/7, both inside and outside of the home. Please show me some love!

We get it. Credit union service should be really, really good. Thanks for the reminder.

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