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Opening The Door To Financial Empowerment

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We need a few more magnanimous people in our lives and a few less pusillanimous ones. How ‘bout those two words in the same sentence?  Society would be much better if we shifted to giving rather than not.  If you are playing along, you just got a hint as to the definition(s) of these two powerful words. 

Of these two, magnanimous best describes St. Louis Community Credit Union. Large national banks are best described by the monster “p” word.  Their business model requires them to be pusillanimous—ours, in turn, demands the magnanimous approach.  Hint number two. 

Here is your final hint: magnanimous people tend to be smiling because they are in the business of helping people to have hope.  Pusillanimous people are usually found sitting alone counting their money and hoping people will help them make some more. 

Magnanimous best defines someone who is a generous giver.  They’ll even go as far as giving to a rival.  Now that’s generous.  Pusillanimous, on the other hand, is the antithesis of being a generous giver.  Pusillanimous people hold on to what they have—not giving it up for any reason—and a rival, well that poor schmuck is not getting close to the pusillanimous person’s wealth.      

St. Louis Community Credit Union, by the power vested in us by the state of Missouri and the Federal Credit Union Act of eighty plus years ago, has been magnanimous for a lifetime.  We have been giving generously to a family tree full of people since we first cracked the door open in October of 1942.  We’ve accelerated our magnanimous ways in recent years in order to help our community fight through the trials and rigors of an anemic economy and all of the side effects that come with it.

When SLCCU speaks of our magnanimous ways, it is on behalf of our members.  All that we do is a result of our members serving together in a not-for-profit, cooperative way to help each other.  Just under fifty-thousand members using the credit union in a way that allows us to earn a profit that we pass back into the community is a great story to tell.  Especially in a world where the pusillanimous Wall Street banks seek even greater profits at the expense of many who can’t afford their tsunami of fees in the name of greed.    

Our latest give-back is in the form of a financial literacy center for the community.  It will officially crack the door open in early June, and with our community partners, embark on the challenge of making St. Louis’ residents smarter as it relates to managing their finances, their lifestyles, their households and their understanding of creating wealth for their families.  It will be called the CU Excel Center and is the first of its kind in the St. Louis area.

Our aspiration is to continue our magnanimous ways.  Thanks for allowing us to do so.

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