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Our Community Needs You

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There’s a lot of good going on around our city, but you’re not going to find it by watching the evening news. If you believe that all that is happening in the metropolitan area is captured at 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., you’ll cower down in a corner of your house and never come out again. Too much bad news begins breeding a pervasive sense of negativity.

Last year in this very blog I spoke of the Credit Union taking the “Community” part of our name seriously. Our staff is out in full force meeting with the people in our “Community” that are creating change. Given that this blog is limited in space, I can’t even begin to approach the numbers of people that need recognition. Trust me, they’re out there in big numbers and the Credit Union is honored to be working with them side by side, day in and day out.

Just one example of good news that is near and dear to St. Louis Community Credit Union is the success stories happening in the public schools. Remember, St. Louis Community’s success is a direct result of our 66-year association with St. Louis Public Schools. What you don’t hear or see is how many people are working directly and indirectly without any fanfare to improve the educational opportunities in the school system. Volunteers, administrators, parents, teachers, counselors and business leaders are all lining up to provide human, technical and capital resources to help insure the success of our community’s young men and women.

Some days one feels as if we have “five loaves and two fish,” but folks continue to persevere nevertheless. The word “quit” isn’t in the vocabulary of these good people, and the kids react in kind. Sure, it’s easy to cast stones from afar. The newspapers, TV and radio broadcasts give you plenty of ammo to fire, but anybody can talk about what’s wrong. Be a hero; get involved. The future of our community needs you.

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