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Our Credit Union Is Anything But Stale

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You don’t want your Fritos to bend.  You don’t want your Vanilla Wafers to taste like sponge cake. You don’t want your milk’s “use by” date to arrive before you drink your last glass. You wouldn’t want to be a Cubs fan for the last 100 years.  And ladies, you certainly wouldn’t want to be caught in last year’s fashion.  Stale is not good.  Dated is a definite no-no.  Things have to be fresh.  That applies to credit union services, as well.

They say Henry Ford’s head almost blew off when one of the “thinkers” on his assembly line came up with the crazy idea of painting a car with some color other than black.  They slowly waded into this new idea by painting just the doors of one of the cars red.  Mr. Ford was called in for his opinion, and (story has it) that with great fanfare and colorful language he promptly tore the doors off the car.  That’s not what is supposed to happen when people bring new ideas for progress.  Change is good!  Mr. Ford eventually figured it out.

I’m certain that you don’t want St. Louis Community Credit Union to act like Henry Ford.  We can’t afford to get stale.  As a result, we are far from approaching our expiration date.  In fact, we may be better at coming up with new ideas more so now than ever before. We’ve got a team full of “thinkers” that are coming up with really cool stuff to help our members and the community – all day, every day.  These great minds have a heart for helping and, more than anything else, they want the best for the almost 40,000 members who call our Credit Union home for their financial needs.

The “thinkers” have been busy.  In the upcoming months, there is a really good chance that you will see a new checking account.  It’s likely that our MoneyMax pay card will be expanded.  And check this out: a re-loadable debit card is sitting on the on-ramp ready for us to bring to market in the next few months.  Hallelujah!

We are also in the earliest stages of a new loan product that will allow for the consolidation of payday loans into one loan.  It will literally save our members thousands of dollars over the course of a year.  That’s real money that can be used to improve people’s standard of living and better their lifestyle.  It will provide for the beginning of fiscal responsibility that will ensure economic empowerment in and around the communities we serve.  Unlike Henry Ford and the red doors, we’re pretty excited about moving forward with this new idea.

We’re not stale.  Our “think tank” is in high gear.  We’ve been working diligently to find new and better ways to provide our own economic stimuli for our loyal members. While everyone else has been busy listening to Chicken Little warn us that the “sky is falling,” the “thinkers” at St. Louis Community Credit Union have been busy trying to figure out what we could do for our members with a talking chicken.  You see, it’s all in the attitude.

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