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President of St. Louis Community Credit Union

Our Job is bigger than our work

On January 7th, 2008, posted in: Uncategorized by 1 Comment

There is nothing more important than serving our members. That’s the only reason St. Louis Community Credit Union exists. It’s important that we never waiver in our commitment to helping our members increase their standard of living and better their lifestyle. That’s our job and our job is bigger than our work.

We all have stuff to do. Our day is filled with work. The phone keeps ringing, the files keep stacking up, and the e-mails keep filling the inbox. Yes, it all has to be done, but serving the member should always be our focus. Never should we find ourselves diverting our attention from our members to our stuff.

Members count on us to make their life better. Why? Because they are members – and that means more than being a customer. Members are owners. Never should our work get in the way of our job.

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  • Judy D says:

    The PA and the TA are a great addition to the intranet. It’s also a step into the future. The last company I worked for didn’t even have an intranet, the resources available are incredible and quite helpful if I do say so myself.Thank you for introducing the PA and TA into our lives.Judy Judy Judy

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