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Our Members’ Support Fuels Our Passion

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Word of mouth is the absolute best form of advertising. Receiving testimonials from members who have experienced St. Louis Community Credit Union’s commitment to excellence is extremely valuable. When one takes into account the high level of consideration given to choosing a financial institution, it becomes important to hear from a friend or neighbor. When members do the talking about the Credit Union’s commitment to caring service, great pricing and tremendous convenience, it is much more valuable than anything we can do through traditional marketing devices.

We love it when our members tell their story about how the Credit Union served them and their families’ needs. We’ve heard some great ones over the years and we never tire of members’ heart-warming, kind compliments. Our members’ words of support serve as the kindling that fires the passion of our many employees. As the employees of the Credit Union talk among ourselves, we’re pretty sure we’re on the right path as it relates to our philosophy of “people helping people.” But to hear it from our members really fans the flames of our desire to do even more.

We’re dedicated to our not-for-profit, cooperative structure. Thanks to all of our members for loving St. Louis Community Credit Union. We love you, too. It means a lot to us. Now if you could tell everyone you know, we’d be able to change even more lives for the better and keep this “lovefest” in full swing.

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