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Our Staff’s Passion Sets Us Apart

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A couple of weeks ago I told you about my passion to ensure that daddy’s little girl’s wedding was nothing but the best.  I’ve mentioned that passion is up there on my list of favorite characteristics.  Passion makes good into excellence.  It enhances the head by involving the heart.  And passion takes buy-in and translates it to whole-hearted belief.

Passionate people don’t usually blend into the crowd.  They dance like nobody’s watching when the whole room is paying close attention.  They are the sports fan whose love of team ensures that their game-day outfit is team color-coordinated complete with signage, pom-poms, and a hat.  There is always a big, obnoxious hat.  Passionate people are plodders.  When everyone else has gone home, the passionate plodders just hang awhile longer and get some more stuff finished.

As we approach Thanksgiving, my list of blessings is long and I’m thankful for so much.  I won’t bore you with a list as long as my arm.  But, way up on the list I assure you is the staff of St. Louis Community Credit Union.  These are passionate people who have chosen to help people.  As a 33-year veteran, I assure you our passion to help people is a much greater motivation than pay.  Sure, we get a fair wage for a fair day’s work, but trust me, ain’t nobody getting rich.

The tellers and member service representatives are helping people all day every day to get in the right products to meet their needs.  As an example, they have helped over 5,000 members to get second-chance checking – complete with a debit card, ATM access, direct deposit and in certain instances, the member gets overdraft protection, as well.  You might think that they’re just doing their job.  Oh, but it’s more than that.

Passionate people are never satisfied with what is considered normal.  Their passion kicks in and they start thinking with their heart as much as their head.  The collective head power of our staff, coupled with a diligence found in their hearts, helped them to come up with a crazy idea a few years ago: let’s create products and services that would allow the Credit Union to say “yes.”  See, many financial institutions say “no” – all the time.  The passion of our staff helped to create countless products for our members who otherwise might hear an all too familiar “no.”  “No” too often leads good people back to the very expensive world of payday lenders, check cashers, or worse – pawn shops.

So when that big butterball bird hits the center of the table in about 10 days, and we bow our heads to give thanks, I’m giving thanks for the passionate people of SLCCU.  Without their passion for helping people, there would have been a lot less on our members’ tables this holiday season.

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