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Our Town Really Makes Me Proud

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Recently, I was in the company of a group of Hawaiian residents.  Their presence begged the question: “Where do the good folks of Hawaii go on vacation?”  While there was a varied response, I asked a follow-up question.  “Have you ever been to St. Louis?”  You could have knocked me over with a lei given their response.  At least a half-dozen in the room have not only been to St. Louis – they loved it!

They went around the room sharing with me all their memories of our fine city.  The obvious landmarks were discussed. Our Hawaiian friends loved the Arch, the Zoo, Grant’s Farm, and the brewery tour.  A Cardinal game got a mention; so did the Science Center.  Food was a popular memory.  Many in the room had frequented “The Hill.”  And a few mentioned how much they loved the Central West End – the shops, restaurants and such.

St. Louis’ Chamber of Commerce would be proud of the many wonderful remarks.  These folks couldn’t say enough about how friendly St. Louisans were.  They spoke in glowing terms about the kind and considerate people they came to meet and know.  If there is one thing Hawaiians understand, it is kindness.  They are some of the nicest folks you’ll ever meet.  Wouldn’t you be if you lived in paradise every day?  So for them to call St. Louisans “friendly” really made me swell with pride.

I mentioned how I worked for St. Louis Community Credit Union and that I couldn’t agree more with their assessment of how great the people of my hometown are.  They knew about credit unions and asked if we served the residents of the area.  “Not all of them yet,” I said, “but we are well on our way.”

We tend to be myopic on occasion, and forget how great a place our fair city is.  I couldn’t have been more proud during my conversation with my newfound friends.  They loved St. Louis, and it reminded me of why I love our fair city as well – the people.  And to work for the city’s credit union and help so many great people makes for a smile – a big smile.


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