The P.A.

A weekly address from Patrick Adams,
CEO of St. Louis Community Credit Union

stock marketWhat happened to the recession? The question was posed to me the day after the Dow Jones Industrial (i.e., the stock market) broke into new territory, 19,000 +. All indices set records. As Vince Lombardi might have asked, “What the heck is going on out there?” Read more »

With One Heart and One Voice

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thanksgivingSo it’s a few days after Thanksgiving. Do you remain disappointed in your gluttonous performance, or did you effectively rationalize that you maintained your composure because you didn’t eat nearly as much as Uncle Lou? Read more »

hands on steering wheelDriverless cars? I scoff at the idea, though I probably shouldn’t. This new-fangled technology has advanced at a record pace. We’re a long way from the days when Fred Flintstone not only drove the car, but he powered it, too. Read more »

comfort-foodWe had eaten a big lunch. Couldn’t help ourselves. Any place named Ben Jr.’s. Barbecue deep in the south in a shack with a line out the door a full hour after a lunch rush must be great.  It was — and that was Ben Jr.’s. Imagine how good Sr.’s must be? Read more »

The Business of Helping People

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silhouette-of-people-in-sunset2For those of you who enjoy my blogs that are of a humorous nature, stay tuned in the upcoming weeks. For those of you who like feel good stories about lifting people up, you’ll have to wait. This blog is about business, nevertheless the business of helping people. It’s a blog about the minutia and wrangling behind the scenes in order to get banking investment to the streets in order to have the opportunities to help people. Then, and only then, can I tell the human interest stories that warm our souls.   Read more »