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Passion Trumps Everything Else

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I can’t remember what I’ve said about passion over the years. I can’t remember yesterday, so this idea of recapturing the words written in this blog over the past five-plus years is an impossibility. In fact, if you realize that every blog is somewhere around 500 words and I’ve written one a week for 52 weeks times five years and 19 weeks, then you have witnessed my scribe to the tune of ((5 X 52) + 19) X 500 words. That’s about 139,000 words. That’s a lot. How long is the average length of a novel? Am I there yet? Yes, by some accounts, I’ve written three of them.

Anyway, back to my point. I have no chance of remembering what I’ve said on a particular topic. But, I do know this – passion is one of my all-time favorite things to discuss. Passion is intangible and hard to discuss, but when you see it in action it is inspiring. Passion is what takes a normal person to a place they wouldn’t go on their own.

A man’s man, an all-American guy who misses a Saturday afternoon full of college football to spend the day in a mall looking for that perfect gift for his sweetheart is the definition of passion. The distance between the mall for an entire afternoon and a Walgreen’s at the eleventh hour searching for that special snow globe is a picture of a man with a passion. Many would shake their head in confusion over such a virtually unexplainable action. Truly, it is a mystery to those devoid of such a powerful persuasion as passion.

Passion shows itself quite often at sporting events. That is where you find the emotion of a sports fanatic on full display. Passion is the guy with his head painted. Passion is the guy with his whole upper torso illuminated in the team colors. On a Sunday morning, hours before the kick-off of his favorite team, the passionate fan adorns the jersey of his favorite player and heads off to church for a special prayer. Look, I know that the Bible confirms that church is welcomed to be attended by all and, most certainly, come as you are is the popular mantra, but wearing your favorite player’s jersey is passion, baby – passion.

Passion for good health is the weirdness that intervenes and has a person choose a bowl of fruit over a pizza. When side by side, who picks the fruit over a steaming hot slice of pepperoni pizza? A person who is distorted in their decision-making by the passion gene, that’s who.

The Credit Union is passionate about making your life better. Our judgment is clouded by our desire to return as much as possible to you and your family. Everybody else charges $25 to $30 when you bounce a check. We charge $15. That’s got to be passion, because we could charge you a heck of a lot more. We have 11 offices in the city and county. They are close to public transportation and within a few miles of just about anywhere you are. That saves you gas and time.

Others have something to make you take notice. What we have is passion. That trumps everything else.

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