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Pay Attention to the “Main Things”

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hand writing priority“The Main Thing Is The Main Thing.” You can do a whole lot of other stuff, but if your attention to the “main thing” wavers, then there is trouble in River City. We see it happen all the time in countless arenas. Because you are a leader of something, stay focused and don’t forget that “the main thing is the main thing.”

Chipotle provides fresh food from local farmers. That’s their gig. It plays well on Main Street. The stock price pleases investors, and the company’s market cap has grown as well. Unfortunately, all the brand strength, financial clout and street cache are nothing when the food being served makes people sick. OOPS! In an effort to fancy up the food and play to the sexy notion of local food providers, the good folks at Chipotle forgot to take care of the “main thing.”

The NFL is about to start firing coaches like snowfall in Green Bay. Professional football coaches are noted as some of the most detail-oriented workaholics in the working world. Details are everywhere and can distract the coach from the “main thing.” Somewhere in all of the X & O analysis, one must not forget to motivate oversized grown men to win football games. I don’t care how hard you work — if you don’t win, you get fired. See, the “main thing” is winning.

I almost ran out of gas. The car is clean and well-maintained with full rubber on the tires. A lot of good a brightly shining car does me when it sits on the side of the road because there is no petro in the tank. Cars don’t work well without the “main thing.”

What about Blue Bell Ice Cream? Great until the ice cream made people sick. You can’t have unclean manufacturing processes. You can fix problems in the supply chain from the plant to the consumer, but when the “main thing” is compromised, there is a problem.

As leaders, we must fully understand “the main thing” and keep it in the top spot of our attention. At St. Louis Community Credit Union, we must be trusted, safe, service-oriented and financially strong. The credit union leaders talk about these four factors constantly. There are thousands of details that need addressing during the work year, but they all pale in comparison to what is the “main thing” to our members and the community: trust, safety, service and financial strength. We are each, and look forward to building on our success.

Insurance companies pay claims — it’s the “main thing.” My iPhone has lots of features, but the “main thing” is that it’s still a phone if it rings and I answer it. What are the “main things” in your life? Make it your New Year’s resolution to pay attention to the “main things”: health, love, compassion, peace.

I’m going to heaven. I figured out how to get there. That’s way up on the list of “main things.”

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