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People Who Cross Your Paths Are the ‘Sprinkles’ In Your Life

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It takes all types.  And I’m glad of it.  I love the diversity of the city in which we live.  Whether race, ethnicity, gender or other designation, it doesn’t matter to me.  I’m of the camp that believes that we’re all brothers and sisters, and I’m celebrating all of us.

When I think of the million-piece jigsaw puzzle that makes up my life, the people pieces are my favorite to hook together.  They resemble the variety of sprinkles that you may choose to decorate your bowl of ice cream with every imaginable color, shape, size – all with the singular purpose of making your ice cream a little more fun, interesting and enjoyable.  All of those people who have crossed my path are the sprinkles in my life.  They are countless in number, and I am humbled by how many have helped me along the way.

As I think of how to divide up all of the pieces of my life, I am overwhelmed.  Childhood, adulthood and all of the sub-parts in between is one way to cut the pie.  Professional life and parenthood are two other ways.  The countless life events that are seared in my mind are another way to slice and dice the many years since the Doc first slapped my fanny.  The emotions felt, the tears cried, the belly laughs and the times of reflection are other ways to get my head around this big idea of life.  Every piece of my world has been occupied with people – plenty of them.  Geesh!!!  I’m exhausted and I haven’t even come close to thinking of all that people have done for me.

Compassion has been brought to me by countless individuals who have needed a chance and a shoulder on which to cry.  I’m especially glad for these sprinkles in my life as I learned to (when in doubt) error on the side of compassion – which is a good thing.  What about “agape” love – selfless, unconditional love?  Two more big pieces of my puzzle.  Respect is a big deal.  Who were the sprinkles in my life as it relates to being respectful?  Plenty!

Who nurtured the kindness piece in my life?  What about the desire to serve – who got that ball rolling?  What about this idea that “people helping people” is more than a tag line in a credit union marketing campaign – who drove home that point?

As the puzzle starts to come together, it is worth noting that my life’s work (a vocation that quickly became an avocation) requires that one be compassionate, selfless, respectful, kind, service-oriented and loving.  Welcome to the credit union!

It sounds like working for St. Louis Community Credit Union was my destiny – mine and many others who have made what we do at the credit union their life’s work.  It takes more than two hands to identify the number of current employees whose life work has been at SLCCU.  Here’s the kicker.  There are many, many more of our employees pushing 10 years of service.  All of them exuding compassion, respect, kindness and a love for making somebody else’s life better.

The puzzle pieces are coming together.  The picture on the box is starting to make sense.  I’m pretty sure that at least some of the sprinkles are the people I work with and the members we serve.  They shaped me and I’m the better off for it.  Was it an accident?  I think not.

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