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Pokemon Is Not the Problem

On July 25th, 2016, posted in: Uncategorized by

walking with smartphoneGet up, couch potatoes. Your exercise regimen is here. It’s time to burn some fat, strengthen those muscles, put some miles on those PF Flyers. Society’s tendency to be sedentary has been shaken to the core — BY THE PHONE! Not even Steve Jobs could have thought of this. There have been sightings of kids playing outside. What? 

Pokemon Go is here. It’s the latest in phone apps that have swept the nation. Kids, adults and everyone in between are chasing the little creatures on their phones around their respective communities. Kids are walking off cliffs, getting hit by cars and getting robbed. What fun? In the spirit of America’s overall lack of accountability, the game is being blamed. The game is the problem? Really? I don’t think so.

I already work out — in the gym, with weights and machines and other apparatuses designed for a good sweat and a healthy body. If I pull a muscle, which is always a possibility, or leave with something a little too sore, is it the equipment’s fault? I don’t think so. Here’s something not often said: “It’s my fault.” OMG!!!

The problem is not Pokemon. Kids are moving about. Some are even walking fast. The problem is the lack of awareness of one’s surroundings. Enter into the discussion along with the lack of discernment and deductive reasoning, the cluelessness of what’s going on around oneself, and you’re moving ever closer to one of today’s biggest issues — personal accountability. Blame belongs with the people who don’t think about their surroundings.

Society’s lack of awareness is at epidemic levels. If you’re on a street corner anywhere, phone or no phone, Pokemon or not, you should probably have your head up, paying close attention. I’m just saying. If you’re on the edge of a steep grade, cliff, hillside, whatever, staring at a phone or the sky above is probably not where you should be focused. If it’s midnight and your search takes you to a desolate area behind a building — really, in the name of Pokemon, think, man, think!

If you’re in a grocery aisle, your cart doesn’t belong in the middle. Well-lit ATMs are always the best bet. Counting money as you walk to your car from the store is not the best time. Think, man, think! Know where you are — for the sake of safety.

We put warning labels on hair dryers to not use them in the shower. For the love of God, man, we put warning labels on irons that say, “Do not use the iron on shirts already on the body.”

Pokemon is a toy. Like a ball, bat, skateboard, bicycle — dare I say jacks? Stuff happens. Users need to be aware of what’s going on around them. As Mom always said, “Put your head on a swivel. It’s not you I’m worried about, it’s the other guy who’s the problem.” Mom always knows best. Now go find those little creatures.

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