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‘Purple Cows’ Make For Memorable Experiences

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Recently, I was winding my way through the plains of Kansas.  The radio was on the only station that would hold the weak signal from a tower somewhere far, far away.  While the Bible tells me that man has dominion over the land, animals and all the creepy, crawly things of lesser stature, I must admit that I felt quite insignificant – as I was but a speck on the vastness of the rolling hills that surrounded me.

Included in my trip was an area marked off by a rather ornate road sign that read “Welcome to Flint Hills.”  Inside the designated area, I was privy to the most beautiful, green hills dotted with a variety of bovine pretty much as far as the eye could see.  As the road weaved in and around the landscape, I was taken by the simple beauty.  I daydreamed of the cowboys of old that would have traveled these lands in far less luxury.  Did they feel engulfed by the beauty as I did, or were the times too tough and the ride too hard to gather it all in?  I became Walter Mitty for a few moments and found myself on the back of the horse making my way toward Dodge City.

Back to the cows – they were everywhere.  Most so far off, their color was indistinguishable.  They all looked like black dots given the distance and the speed with which I was travelling.  Apparently, Flint Hills’ vastness is more than my attention span can withstand, and as is the case, my mind lurched back to thinking about more than just the beauty, the cows and the cowboys.  You’re never going to believe what popped into my mind!

Honestly, here’s an example of my mind in action.  I thought: what if one of those cows was purple?  WOW!  I would never forget this place, this time or this trip.  I would talk about that purple cow forever and ever.  I would tell everybody I know (and many people I don’t know) about the magnificent purple cow.  It would be the greatest find ever.  Everyone would want to see the purple cow.  They would flock to Flint Hills. This is what people would want – something different; something exciting; something that stood out.

Everyone has seen a black or brown cow on a hillside – their plodding movement and indistinguishable characteristics provide nothing in the way of excitement.  But this purple cow would be such a departure from what is considered normal, that people would marvel and talk about it deep into their lives.

St. Louis Community Credit Union needs to be a purple cow.  We need to stand out among a city full of plain ol’ financial services.  When everybody else is plodding through the daily tasks of processing people’s transactions, we are busy building relationships.  Yeah, that’s us.  You want something different; we do too.

Flint Hills is a nice place to visit.  So is St. Louis Community Credit Union.  And so is the mind – always something to do and see.

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