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Random Thoughts…

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Here are some random things I’ve had on my mind lately.  WARNING: This blog has no redeeming value.

It is humorous to me that the two states containing cities with the most vowels are Hawaii and Wisconsin.  That’s where the similarities begin and end.  When in either destination, I have a one-in-five chance of correctly pronouncing the names of their cities.  One state features fresh, exotic fruit – the other, cheese curds.

I went to the Ryder Cup golf tournament in Chicago a week ago.  For those of you uninitiated in the history of golf, it is a tournament held every few years in order that spectators can guzzle beer at a feverish pace.  Folks act like raucous hoodlums at a soccer match, albeit for the few seconds a player prepares to hit the ball.  But for that brief respite of time, the place is wild, fun and fraternity-like.  Europe won on the course and in the stands.  Actually, beer makers took the top spot.

Between the 12 to 15 feet in front of our Forest Park building and the curb lies parking meters, a couple of strips of grass, a sidewalk, a telephone pole, a trash can, a couple of walkways running perpendicular to the street, a handful of bushes, some lava rock, a front porch and an ATM jutting from the wall.  On most days there are people at the ATM and cars parked along the curb.  Oh yeah, and on Monday of this past week, there was a guy driving his car in this same 12 to 15 foot area.  By the Grace of God, he missed everything.  I’ve been coming to this site for 25 years and thought I had seen it all – nope!

My one-year-old grandson is AWESOME.  His favorite toy is the black, plastic ladle that his “Mimi” uses to serve porridge to Papa Bear during the cooler times of the year.  He thinks it’s a hammer or drumstick – not sure which.  I hope he gives it back – ‘tis approaching the season for those special “one-pot” meals.

The difference between stakeholders and shareholders is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.  Our region needs businesses that aspire to having stakeholders, not just shareholders.  When businesses share their corporate value with the region, we create economic vibrancy.  Payday Lenders could gain the smallest fiber of respect (maybe) if, at the very least, they reinvested in our town rather than fleecing our citizens and sending the money elsewhere.

They (being the Weather Station) are going to name winter blizzards like they name hurricanes. They are using Greek names that nobody can pronounce.  Seriously, this ought to go well – NOT!

The Cardinals are in the playoffs.  The Angels are not.  I’ll bet that the owner of the Angels is spending a lot more time measuring return on investment.

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